Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong

Source: the Mindview
March 2009

Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong (and various other places):

In 2007 the "New Nightwish" (featuring the brand-new vocalist Anette Olzon) released "Dark Passion Play" and
immediately there were lovers and haters. With this live-CD all doubts should be wiped off the table. Like with
most metal-bands the live-gigs are still better than the normal studio-recordings and this also the case here.
Anette's voice really sends the chills down your spine at pretty much every single moment. Just the screams of
Marko Hietala, whose voice is being used a bit more now, could've been so much better. No more bombastiv opera
vocals, but a heavy portion metal with some slight spirituality. Looooovely!


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