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Highest Hopes (Best Of)

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you’ll know that Nightwish have now parted ways with their muse, the voice of Tarja Turunen, and that it is now, with some sadness, that fans find themselves having to contemplate this release as more than just an appraisal of the bands success with their home label, and more their nadir. Sure, they had another best of - the excellent Best Wishes, released in March - but this is much more. The album that will surely be their legacy whoever steps in.

And, they’re all here. Whether you’re looking for the hits you’ve missed - Nemo, Walking In The Air, or the tracks lifted from the very earliest releases ( Elvenpath (Angles Fall First) and Stargazers (Oceanborn), you’re sure to find at least one moment where this band really stood on the edge and gave fans a kick from which they never really recovered?

And, herein lies the success of Nightwish. Many a band has tried to go out there and be more confrontational, heavier, more shocking? But they simply took a very good formula and did it very well giving even the simplest riff a big kick, the simplest vocal a boost, the dullest keyboard more depth; all because protagonist Tuomas Holopainen believed that it simply wasn’t enough to compromise. Whatever happens to this band now, and personally, if I was Within Temptation I’d be worried, they’re still going to be a band by which many more will be judged in years to come.

Rating 8
Reviewed by Mike Exley
Posted on 0000-00-00


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