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Nightwish is one of the bands that has grown more in the last few years on the metal scenery. After releasing some amusing albums they now have released Over the Hills and Far Away, its not exactly a new album but it has been pleasing many fans around the world. Some brand new songs, a few live traks taken from the live album From Wishes to Eternity and remake of a new song makes of this EP na album that all nighwish fans must have. In this interview we talk about the new album, the live album, solo careers and other projects ans also why Sami has left the band.

Over the Hills and Far Away" isn´t exactly a new album, it has some new songs but also some covers, new version for old songs, live songs, why did you decide to release something like that?

Tuomas: It was going to be 2 years between to full-length albums so we decided to do a little something in between the albums. In Finland this was released as a single, but the versions abroad inclede also some live tracks.

And about the CD From Wishes to Eternity, it is a live album that was just released on Finland... Why?

Tuomas: The idea in the beginning was just to make the live-DVD. The live album is merely a little token of appreciation for the Finnish fans, since we`ve had the greatest success and support in here. We didn`t really want to release the album at all, so this was the compromise we agreed on.

The live tracks in the album Over The Hills And Far Away are from the live album. How did you choose the tracks that would participate of this album?

Tuomas: Those were the first ones that popped into my mind, haha!

Astral Romance has got a new version. Why did you decide to do that?Do you think the song is better at this time?

Tuomas: I once listened to the first album and thought that this is a very nice song but poorly produced. We thought it would make a good addition to the Over The Hills-ep. And yes, I think it`s much better this time, Toni does a great job with the vocals, too.

Who had the idea of a special participation of Tony Kakko (from Sonata Artica)? He also participated on live tracks.

Tuomas: I thought of him, since I love his voice and he`s also a good friend of mine. He sings the male parts in "Beauty & The Beast".

Does Nightwish has any new things for a new studio album already?

Tuomas: We`re rehearsing all the time, entering the studio in January. I have 9 songs finishes, out of 12 which will be on the album. The release is in June 2002.

Besides nightwish Tarja is also involved with Infinity from Argentina. It is a full time band and they will probably have a tour after the realesing of the CD. Does she pretends to paticipate of some shows?

Tuomas: I have the impression that it`s pretty much a project band which will tour according to Nightwish`s schedule. I wouldn`t know much about that

Anyone of the band has any projects of recording a solo album?

Tuomas: Nothing concrete, at least not yet. I would love to make a solo album in the vein of Enigma-Vangelis-Hans Zimmer but at this time it`s worthwhile to just concentrate on Nightwish.

Does Nightwish has any plans of coming back to South America for some shows?

Tuomas: Absolutely!!! We had a phantastic tour there last year, great shows with the greatest crowds. I hope we`ll manage a tour after the next album is released there.

Why did Sami Vänskä left the band?

Tuomas: This was a decision that we all agreed on. Personal reasons, no big fights or anything.

Who will replace him? The band has already chosen someone or there will be some tests?

Tuomas: Our new bassist is Marco Hietala, also known from Tarot and Sinergy.

What is the main difference between the south american public and the european?

Tuomas: You guys are wilder and crazier, all just positive things J . The more south you travel, the more enthuastic the crowd gets. My best Nightwish show still remains the one in Sao paulo June 2000!

What kind of band is Nightwish on studio, the one which prepares everything before, just to leave the studio as sooner as possible, or the one which stays there for a long time, trying new things?

Tuomas: The latter one. We rehearse a lot before the studio but also leave room for new ideas in the studio process.

What's your opinion about MP3?

Tuomas: Uh, I`m very much the wrong person to answer this one, I`m as "untechnical" as a person can get, it took me ages just to get this interview downloaded from my e-mail, HAHA!

Which bands has influenced Nigthwish?

Tuomas: Most of all, movie soundtracks. I love Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, James Horner, Trevor Jones, Vangelis, etc. And from the metal scene everything from Stratovarius & Dream Theater to Pantera & Dimmu Borgir.

What are the plans for the future?

Tuomas: Just concentrate on making a great new album. After that as much touring as possible!

Thanks for your time, please, leave a message for your fans!

Tuomas: I speak from the heart when I say that the South American tour is the one I`m expecting the most next year. Hope to see all of you there! Thankxxx!


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