Interview with Nightwish 90

Source: Orkus

This one is taken from the german goth mag "Orkus". Tarja and Tuomas tell their view on the ten songs of the Century Child album.

Bless the child

Tuomas: It´s one of the best songs I ever wrote for NW. Easy to understand, very dynamic. This song is going into the footsteps of Hans Zimmer.

Tarja: It´s the best song of CC in my opinion. It´s loaded with emotions. I really felt sad and lonely when I did the vocals in the studio. The band coverted this song very good so that the listener can understand the mood. If you´re alone and in despair, you should never give up hope. If you do, you´re without a soul and lost.

End of all hope

Tuomas: This song refers to the "Wishmaster" title track. There´s no rest - just absolute power from the beginning to the end.

Tarja: EOAH is the same kind of song like "Wishmaster". The lyrics are very sad and full of frustration. On the other hand, the music and my voice give a hopeful mood to the song. I´m singing in a way that it´s not quite clear what the plot of the song really is. I guess the song is mysterious even if it´s very heavy and bombastic.

Dead to the world

Tuomas: This is a duet, maybe a duel between Tarja and Marco. The chorus drills into your brain until you either love or hate it.

Tarja: With this song I reached something that I never dreamt of. I sing a duet with Marco. It was interesting to see how the song changed during the recordings. The arrangements were difficult. Two singer can make more out of a song than one singer if both do a good job ;-)

Ever dream

Tuomas: It´s the most traditional NW composition on CC. It was also our first single in Finland. I get a cold shower on my back when I´m listening to the orchestra part.

Tarja: Our finnish single and our so called radio hit. It´s a quite simple song with a smooth melody line. It expresses hope for better times.

Slaying the dreamer

Tuomas: I wrote this song instead of demolish something with a baseball bat. Music is the best vent to get rid of agressions, that´s for sure! When we´re on stage, I have the most fun when we play STD.

Tarja: I was highly inspired by this song. Since I sang this one quite often on tour, I noticed that I could have sang this song harder than I did in the studio. Perkele!!! I guess that Tuomas was totally fed up when he wrote this song and I´m sure that everyone can notice the difference between STD and the other CC songs. And I can say that I like our heavier sound because of STD.

Forever yours

Tuomas: Well ok, i understand the comparsions with the Titanic songs. But this ballad has a honest and innocent keynote.

Tarja: I think it´s difficult to write a ballad about the most beautiful thing on earth. It´s easier for me to sing more sad songs. Unfortunately it´s not one of our best ballads but it´s a good change on the record. I don´t like to listen to FY because I´m absolutely not satisfied with my singing performance.

Ocean soul

Tuomas: I love the way Tarja sings on this song. OS is a very personal song - easy and touching. It´s my favourite song on CC.

Tarja: Tuomas once told me that this one is the most important song of the album. Unfortunately I was sick and had no voice in the studio. Surely I wanted to give my best. It was difficult for me because I sang in another way then on the old records. I think that Tuomas wrote his best chorus in his life. We´ll never play this song live.

Feel for you

Tuomas: The structure of FFY has changed during the recordings for more than 70 times. What can I add?

Tarja: I enjoyed to sing FFY because the song kept on changing during the recordings. After all, the result was as i imagined it for myself. It´s a pity that the song is quite short, but it has a big message.

The phantom of the opera

Tuomas: I love the complete musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. When I finally saw it in London, I was totally amazed. Then I decided that this one will be the next NW cover version. And I´m satisfied with the result.

Tarja: I took my first singing lessons because of this composition when I was just 15 years old. I really wanted to learn to sing as high as Sarah Brightman in this song. I used another interpretation because Tuomas explained me that he hates the high vocals of Sarah Brightman in the end. So we changed the final part. Now it sounds like World War III has just started. I don´t really like our version. But the more I listen to it, the more pleased I am - that doesn´t mean that I´m listening to our albums every day. Erm, damn! I´m not happy with what I did here. Period!

Beauty of the beast

Tuomas: When we recorded and mixed the song I almost lost hope to finish it properly. BOTB represents everything what the music of NW stands for. I hope that we´re ambitioned enough to play it live. I can´t wait for that :-)

Tarja: I like the feelings of this composition. It´s one of my favourite songs, it gives me very much. I was happy that I could sing with my real voice. During the recordings I sang with a more soft voice because the songs asked for it.
Maybe I´ll show another facet of my voice on the nexxt album. BOTB is possibly the most honest songs we´ve ever made. The lyrics tell the rest.


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