Tristania - Ashes

Source: Battlehelm


Norway's Tristania have no less than THREE vocalists - a baritone male and death growl male + the quite exquisite operatic wailings of Vibeke. Ok, we've had Flowing Tears and The Gathering (and yes, sexy female vocals do rule) but in the case of Tristania, the vocals are so prominent and play off each other they successfully turn each of the 7 songs on ‘Ashes' into mini concertos that mesmerise the listener. Added to this are the uber cool guitar licks of Anders Hidle and you've got one helluva suave classical goth rock band. ‘Ashes' is Tristania's 4th album and I see nothing but success for this talented band. I certainly hope there's a stage big enough to hold all 7 of the band - cos they're worth it (and they're Norwegian!).

by Shan Siva


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