Tristania - Illumination

Source: Battlehelm


Produced by Waldemar Sorychta, the good news for fans of this Norwegian female co-fronted gothic 7 piece is that Tristania's fifth album captures all the successful elements of its predecessor ‘Ashes'. Putting aside the novelty value that the band have an attractive female co-vocalist is that despite what other reviewers say, Tristania are not black metal but actually play very melodic rock with tinges of metal. As such this should make them more appealing to a pure gothic market (rather than a metal one) as the style is more eloquent and atmospheric, with each track blending seamlessly into the next one courtesy of Vibeke Stene's highly soulful voice which is somewhat different to the sorta operatic or vampiric vocals that one might expect. The interplay between the two vocalists (Osten Bergoy being her male counterpart) works successfully as he adds the right counterbalance without it becoming a vocal battle of the sexes! Tristania would be more at home In an art gallery than in their local cemetery if ya get my meaning and thats reflective in their music such that "Illumination" is one to play for those sensitive moments when soothing, yet suave music is needed to calm those nerves after a feeding frenzy.

by Shan Siva


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