Epica live review

Source: Metal Assault

By Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal


February 18th 2010, House Of Blues, West Hollywood CA: This was a really interesting touring line-up with three very different bands on the same bill. So going in, other than Blackguard whom I had seen once before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had heard about Epica as being an unusual kind of band, having a quite unique style of music and hadn't even heard of the name Threat Signal.


The first band to entertain the audience was Blackguard, who played a five-song, 30-minute set for us. I loved these guys when they opened for Ensiferum back in November and they were every bit as good this time around too. They definitely give it their 100%, if not more, and one thing they do well is pick good bands to open for on tour. Their brand of music can be termed as melodic death metal with folk influences. I personally love this kind of music, with the likes of Children Of Bodom being one of my favorite bands. The Epica fans present here tonight seemed to enjoy every bit of this as well, giving the band a warm welcome. Paul "Ablaze" Zinay is the driving force on stage, ably supported and complemented by the others. Paul managed to get the crowd singing along and dispersed his seemingly boundless energy into them. As said by Epica guitarist Mark Jansen in my interview with him, 'I hope that band is big in the future'.


Here's their complete set list:


  1. The Sword
  2. Scarlet to Snow
  3. Farewell
  4. Allegiance
  5. This Round's On Me


The next band were Threat Signal, another Canadian band, but of the groove/metalcore kind. They did have some tight riffs and solos in them and I enjoyed some of their songs. The crowd didn't really seem to get into them at all though and it looked like they were waiting for the band to finish their set. I would say the songs off of their latest album Vigilance sounded much better than the ones from the first album. I give them kudos for coming out on tour with bands totally different in musical style. I'm sure they would have had a better response at some of the other venues. The bassist Pat Kavanagh was really energetic with his playing as well as head banging, as was the band as a whole. The music is pretty good for their genre. It wouldn't have been such a bad thing to get exposure in front of diverse crowds here and I hope they find more similar bands to tour with next time around.


After a half an hour wait, the lights went out and the prelude 'Samadhi' started among loud cheers. The place wasn't packed, but those in attendance were surely loud enough, as Epica hit the stage with the song 'Resign to Surrender'. You couldn't help but admire frontwoman Simone Simons' amazing vocal prowess, lending her operatic vocals and swaying to the music, creating quite an atmosphere at the House Of Blues. One of the better songs of the night, 'Sensorium' was up next. I was enjoying this song even as I was in the photo pit, busy taking pictures of the band.


I had heard a lot about Simone's live powerful performances and every bit of it was true. Not to say that the other members aren't worth mentioning. Mark Jansen is obviously the creative force in the band and did justice to all his compositions on the stage as well. The other guitarist Isaac, who recently joined the band, seems to have made a big difference in keeping with the energy levels. Two more new songs 'Unleashed' and 'Martyr Of The Free Word' followed. I hadn't heard the new album before this and the music seemed quite different from some of the older stuff I had heard. Fans were delighted to hear the song 'Fools Of Damnation' after this. Make shift piano player Simone's boyfriend Oliver Palotai did a good job with his solo.


Simone displayed her magic on vocals in the ballad 'Tides Of Time'. They had a good selection for the remaining songs as well, bringing out two more songs from the first album Phantom Agony. The encore performance consisted of 'Cry For The Moon', 'Quietus' and they ended with 'Consign To Oblivion'.


Overall, it was a very interesting and entertaining night of diverse music. I'm glad I got a chance to get to know the music of two bands whom I wasn't familiar with and explore my taste in music just that little bit more. As for the fans, they were having a good time on the floor, singing and clapping along to every prompt by Simone and Mark and getting some mosh pits going during the faster sections of the music. Epica's 'Design Your Universe' tour 2010 is definitely a success.


Here's the complete set list:


  1. Samadhi
  2. Resign To Surrender
  3. Sensorium
  4. Unleashed
  5. Martyr Of The Free Word
  6. Fools Of Damnation
  7. Imperial March
  8. Piano Solo
  9. Tides Of Time
  10. Seif Al Din
  11. The Obsessive Devotion
  12. Design Your Universe
  13. Cry For The Moon
  14. Quietus
  15. Consign To Oblivion


Check out the bands here:
Threat Signal

Epica interview

Source: Metal Assault

In-person interview with Mark Jansen of Epica
By Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal

February 18th 2010, House Of Blues, West Hollywood CA

Andrew: How's the tour going?

Mark: Above expectation! It is our fourth tour in the U.S. and the second headlining tour. So this was the tour that had to pay off finally. We invested a lot of energy, time and also money to be honest, (laughs) in the U.S. and now it's a really great feeling when it is starting to pay off. First of all, the fans appreciate the latest album so much that everyday people come to me and say that it is really great. That's a fabulous feeling and also that people show up in such big numbers. So I'm really happy.

Andrew: You have to tell us about the bus accident. What happened and where were you at that time?

Mark: We were on the Rocky mountains in Canada and it was on a snowy road. I already didn't feel comfortable so I went to the driver and asked him how it is going. He said its fine but I asked him if it wasn't slippery and the road was wide enough. But he said it is going to be ok. I went to bed but I couldn't sleep, I still felt uncomfortable. Then suddenly we heard braking and a huge crash near the back of the bus. Some people were rolling out of their bunks. Then we stopped and made sure that everybody was ok. We went outside to take a look and saw that the other car was completely damaged and we have been lucky that the driver could prevent a head-on collision because that would have been way worse. I don't even want to think about that. (laughs)

Andrew: How different was the whole process of writing and coming up with the music for 'Design Your Universe' as compared to the previous effort 'The Divine Conspiracy'?

Mark: The biggest difference was that I wasn't working together with Ad Sluijter. He wasn't motivated to work on the new songs so I worked on them without him and later on he was obvious why he was not motivated because he left the band. But back then I didn't know he was going to leave so I wrote the songs myself and when later on Isaac joined the band, in the last two months of the writing process he worked his ass off to develop the guitar lines. So that was the huge difference compared to Divine Conspiracy and I think this resulted in more workout and more detailed guitar lines. I personally like it a lot and cannot wait to work on the next album. Our work has evolved, but it can be even more developed. So I look forward to the writing process of the next one.

Andrew: Epica's music has been defined differently by everyone, including band members. Simone says its Symphonic metal, you call it something else. How exactly would you describe the music to a person who hasn't heard your band?

Mark: I was sitting in a sauna and one guy asked, 'Hey what kind of music do you play?' I was just talking to him there. I did have my swimming pants on, (laughs) I started talking to him and I thought he wasn't into metal at all. I started explaining that Epica is a small band and things like that. He told me he knew Epica and I was surprised. He knew a lot about us. But I still had to explain what kind of music it was. He knew the name but not the music. So I said, if you take all the orchestration off, its death metal. So its death metal combined with opera and classical influences. There are many genres combined in our music. We even have little bits of black metal. Death metal is there as I said, then folk and power metal influences, rock and classical music. So there is so much that we don't feel that there are any boundaries. We can do whatever we want. (laughs)

Andrew: What contribution has Isaac been making and what are the things he has brought to the band?

Mark: On the live shows to start with, Isaac is completely different guitarist than Ad. Ad mainly focussed on his playing and Isaac is a great guitarist in general but he is a stage performer. That's what we missed a little bit with Ad. He's more like a studio musician. Great studio musician, great guy, but he is not really a live stage performer. So live it was always a little bit like, we are quite an energetic band and Ad was always a bit slow. Now its in balance and it's a great feeling. Ad didn't like to play solos so much and Isaac does, so that's another huge difference. We are more melodic than before. Ad was more riff oriented and about rhythm parts. Isaac is more melody oriented.

Andrew: Simone said in a recent interview that she would be working on a solo album. Does that affect Epica at all?

Mark: No, because when we write new music, Simone always gets involved in the very last process of the vocal lines. The biggest amount of work is making the music and structures. Vocals are the last part so she does have a lot of time to do whatever she likes. Even I started a side project. Its different music, so there's no overlap between parts that I want to use for Epica. So, the project I'm doing is way louder and heavier. I think, as long as I have time for it, its no problem. Sometimes it is just nice and refreshing to work with other musicians and finding a new way of working and making new music. That keeps you fresh, because all the time if you work the same way it gets boring. And getting bored was killing me. So I was happy when Arien van Weesenbeek joined the band. He brought new influences, so did Isaac. So that keeps the writing process refreshing. But now I also seek for some heavy stuff.

Andrew: Simone's boyfriend Oliver has been the replacement for your regular keyboard player. How did that work out?

Mark: Yeah! Our keyboard player [Coen Janssen] is going to marry. We had to find a solution for that and the solution was very close, (laughs) and we didn't have to search that long. The singer's boyfriend on keyboards. Very handy!

Andrew: How much of a challenge it is to write music to combine your vocals and Simone's vocals?

Mark: We developed a very natural way. We already feel like what are my parts and what are hers. Wherever she has a great vocal line already, that's obvious that she is going to sing in that part because a great vocal line is what gets stuck in the minds of people. So I just take for myself parts that feel good for my voice, and she takes parts that are good for hers. We write the music first and then do the vocals. Many bands work the other way round. I already know when I write music that there's going to be a great vocal line on top because when you write music you feel that there will be a nice vocal line. It works out like that for 90% of the time, and if it doesn't work, we throw the song away. This is our way of working and it works very well. (laughs)

Andrew: Have you had a chance to listen to the opening bands on this tour Blackguard and Threat Signal?

Mark: Yeah every evening whenever I have time I check them out. Specially, Blackguard surprised me a lot. Threat Signal I knew already. When we had a choice to pick a band for the tour, we chose Threat Signal because they are melodic as well and also very heavy. I like that, but I didn't know Backguard. I checked them out and when I listened to some of the music I was already feeling that its nice music. When I saw them live on the first night of the tour, I was overwhelmed. That band deserved to make it. They give all their energy on stage, have some great melodies and it just fits. I hope that band is big in the future.

Andrew: What are your upcoming commitments in the studio and on tour?

Mark: We will continue writing new songs. We already started and I already have a whole lot of ideas. So we have to work them out and start developing new songs, because the new album has to be at least as good as Design Your Universe, otherwise people are going to be really disappointed. So probably we're going to go in the studio in 2011 to record. Till then we'll keep promoting this album. [Design Your Universe] There are still a lot of regions to go. We will go to South America, a new European tour with the summer festivals and some markets where we haven't been yet like China and Korea. We are headlining everywhere, finally! Sometimes you get a really bad treatment by headliners. That's also why we do it different. We give our support acts all the love we can, and all the possibilities. That's the way it should be and headliners should not treat the support bands like shit. People who buy tickets want to see three nice bands and not two bands who face all the difficulties from the headliner, to not be able to use any lights, not able to use the full sound capacity, not able to hang all their t-shirts. All these restrictions make me sick. So when we take support bands on tour with us, we give them the best possible treatment. I hope that one day when we tour with other bands, they do the same to us. It has to change somewhere. (laughs)

Check out the band at www.epica.nl

Epica live photos

From Metal Assault.

2010 - Epica Feb 18th Hollywood CA  By Andrew

According to Similarminds.com...

Peter Pan Complex

avoids responsibilities, people tell them they are childish and need to grow up, would rather live in their head than the real world, wants success to just happen to them, focuses on fantasies more than reality, believes they deserve to have whatever they want, life lacks direction, never know what to do next, does dumb things frequently, inconsistent performance, lazy, slacker, does the minimum to get by, does things without thinking, does not feel they have any reason to accomplish anything, tend to ignore or put off problems, believes fun is the most important thing in life, most people think they are crazy, forgets scheduled appointments, more past than future, gets attention through negative behavior

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Female cliché 

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nice, happiest when helping and giving to others, does not mind serving others, unselfish, generous, self sacrificing, other-centric, warm, caring, loving, peaceful, modest, has trouble saying no, has trouble being firm, does not enjoy fighting, very loyal, prefers team victories over personal glory, wants everyone to get along, not manipulative, drawn to public service fields, good listener, comforter, not materialistic, honest, agreeable, nurturing

systematic, scheduled, planned, prefers structure, disciplined, desires the predictability of routine and habit, responsible, does things by the book, meets obligations on time, uncomfortable with imperfection, hard working, serious, practical, plans ahead, focuses on achieving goals, cautious, more logical than abstract, plays it safe, success driven, achiever, not easily distracted, law abiding, detail oriented and sometimes obsessed, prefers the familiar to the unfamiliar, likes the security of working for a company

calm, patient, easy-going, never gets too emotional, remains cool when others panic, not quick tempered, less prone to depression, trusting, optimistic, self confident, not swayed by emotions, not prone to envy, rarely worries, well adjusted, less prone to physical and mental sickness, more likely to exercise, able to bounce back from hardships

easily expresses emotions, not drained by social interaction, smiles a lot, believes most people like or will like them, bold, likes to lead, would rather be a participant than an observer, gregarious, loves night life activities and crowds, likes to participate in group discussions, oftens assumes the role of "Entertainer" or "Performer", easy to get to know, spends more time with others than alone, competes for the spotlight, fits in most places, likes to be popular, frequently touches people, spontaneous, likes to amuse, optimistic, social chameleon, charmer, tends to be confident

* the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average.

Anette II


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