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The album of the week - or should we call it albums of the week - in YleX is Nightwish’s Lokikirja. Why did you want to release the box of all your albums right now?
- This is more the record company’s idea. We are on a break now. Of course, we knew that this will be released, but we haven’t participated much in the project. We’ve only followed how it’s going on, for example checking what kind of booklet it’s going to have. We didn’t even want to make the cunning move by recording a couple of new songs to it in order to get more money.

Did this project make you more interested about listening to the older records yourself?
- No it didn’t, and I doubt that it ever will. I’m not so interested about listening to my own music. I don’t usually listen to the old Tarot material either. Of course, I didn’t play in the early Nightwish albums and I’ve listened to the old Nightwish records when I have rehearsed to play those songs.

Eight albums is a lot. Do you see some turning point that helped the band become big?
- Well, it’s difficult to comment the Angels Fall First and Oceanborn eras, because I wasn’t involved with the band in any way. At that point we just met once at Huvikumpu in Siilinjärvi (in spring 1998) when fresh Nightwish supported Tarot. Already then I noticed that the band is potential. The combination of the (opera) singer and (heavy metal) band and ambitiousness of their music showed clearly that they can become famous, but at that point they were quite green.

What are, in your opinion, the most important areas in which Nightwish has improved in all these years?
- Well, maybe the most important thing is that the band and the crew has grown together and formed a kind of a family who can live together, communicate and react to different things quickly and relaxedly. So you are not searching for your role all the time. Now all members know their role in the band and can work according to the role.

Nightwish’s hardest tour is now over. It lasted years. What did you learn from that? What are you going to do differently in the next time?
- We’ll do a shorter tour, less work *laughs*. That’s what we learned. It’s not a good idea to drive yourself to the grave by working too much.

When did you realize that Anette isn’t as experienced in tour life as the other band members who have had long tours earlier?
- Quite quickly. For example, Anette is a social person and wanted to talk to someone all the time, while the rest of us wanted to spend the free day in hotel more like going to your room, throwing the clothes away and being naked the whole free day and only wear pyjama or underwear when the room service brings some food. So we wanted to be alone while Anette didn’t want to be left alone. She was like “I’m so lonely”.

And you guys said that you want to be alone?
- Yeah. And that was a big difference in our behaviour. But I think that towards the end of the tour she got used to it when she lost the adrenaline boost she had in the beginning of the tour. So she realized that it’s good to rest while you can when you’re on the road.

What’s the schedule of the new album?
- At the latest in the next spring we’ll exchange our demos and check what kind of songs we are going to have. I’ve made some new material and I’m going to record it at home and then send it to Tuomas and see if it passes his filter. In the next summer we’ll probably have the songs ready and we’ll start to rehearse and arrange them. And after that, we’ll record them. But I don’t think that the album will be ready before 2011.

You’ve chosen the songs from Lokikirja that we’ll play on radio. What shall we play first?
- The first song is from the Angels Fall First album, Beauty and the Beast.

Why did you choose that particular song?
- It’s quite a lot because of this song that I was chosen to the band. I played in Sinergy when we supported Nightwish in their five weeks tour in Europe (in autumn 2000). Tuomas didn’t want to sing the male vocals of the duet himself, so he asked if I could sing them. So in the last two or three weeks of the tour I was featuring Nightwish by singing the male vocals of the song. We had a good time together and realized that we like the same kind of books and movies and things like that. And when Nightwish was replacing their bassist later, Tuomas remembered me and asked me if I would like to join the band. And now I’ve played in the band for a long time. So, let’s listen to the remastered studio version of the song in which Tuomas sings the male vocals.

- The next song is from Oceanborn. It’s The Pharaoh Sails to Orion. It has a nice fantasia or science fiction style name and Tuomas has told me that he enjoyed writing the song. He used all kinds of odd words and wrote a nice poem. It’s a strange mixture of different parts. I’ve played this live myself too, but I don’t remember it very well anymore. Maybe I should rehearse it again. And Mr. Wilska will earn a few cents of royalty money when this is played on radio, because the song includes his awesome grunting.

- Moving forward in time to the Wishmaster album. Let's play Come Cover Me. It was an important song for me and joining the band. When Sinergy and Nightwish had that tour together, and Eternal Tears of Sorrow was touring with us too, greetings to those nice guys, this was the song that we went to listen, when we were in a slight buzz in few nights. I paid attention to Tarja who had improved from earlier tours. Her singing wasn't anymore purely technical high and loud classical singing, but it had become softer and more emotional. So this song made me a big impression and I also noticed that the rest of the band had improved too.

- And then from the next studio album, which is Century Child. Let's play Slaying the Dreamer, which includes Holopainen's darker thoughts. This is a song in which I had a chance to try something I hadn't tried before. I had got used to old school melodic metal singing, but in this I had to torture my vocal cords by yelling in the last part of the song. It was nice to realize that "this if fun too" and I was able to do that. It's a nice prog song that ends in a shake that could move continents. It describes the band's style well, so let's listen to it now.

- The next studio album is Once. It was a very important album that increased the band's success. It includes, for example, Nemo and the album sold more than any other Nightwish album before, although the earlier albums are good too. But this is the album that made us really big (in Finland). It includes a song that I still like very much, The Siren. Its elements are slightly ethnical and it has nice contrasts. There aren't so many words in verses, for example, Tarja has no words in the chorus and I have just a couple of lines in it. It has a unique structure, but it works well and is heavy and melodic.

- The last one is from Dark Passion Play. I'll make a bit selfish move and choose The Islander. It's a song that I wrote myself. Well, Tuomas wrote the lyrics of course. The song has probably the best music video in which I've ever been, thanks to Stobe Harju. He had a great vision and he implemented it very well with the people who participated in the project. It was a nice, although a bit cold day, in the Pirunpelto, Rovaniemi where we filmed the video. But we had a nice feeling and a good group and so on. And it's a good song, nothing to complain about.


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