Tarja style

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Tarja designs her clothes together with Sirja Tiilikainen, friend from childhood. Their cooperation will continue in the future even though the clothes will have a bit more classical touch


Heidi Reponen does Tarja's make-up since 1999. There was never a same make-up day for them, and there was no one so far that could replace Heidi


Tarja loves experimenting with her hair color and hair style. "My imagination has no limits, I can dye my hair blond tomorrow!"


Tarja has her own jewelry collection called "Clouds collection". The rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are made of 925 silver and have her signature engraved on them. They can all be ordered from her official webshop


Although Tarja sometimes needs real glasses for reading, this section is dedicated to her numerous sunglasses

Tarja quotes

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about herself

“I am a person that is trying to be honest to myself and to my affects. People around me know that I am a quiet shy woman. I enjoy listening to people rather than being in the middle of attention. “

“As a Leo that I am, I enjoy good company, great food. I am always trying to make things happen the best way possible so that the people close to me could enjoy and be happy”

“I am very sensitive person, who gets stress quite easily, but who can enjoy of the small things in life too”

“Somehow I have a talent to make people happy and that gives me very much”

"I can say that it seems that I considered myself as much weaker person I really am "

"I’m not a person who spends the whole day in front of the TV. I really love to go out and learn about new areas and new people. I lived in eight different cities in Finland"

"I have felt many times that I have an angel on my shoulder”

“I did a lot of different things, but all of them came from my heart.”

“For me it is very funny to think that I am the most famous lady in Metal, because I am still a country girl".

“I don't feel like a star. I'm happy about the world wide success, but it doesn't change me as a person, I’m still the same Tarja, a lot developed but still incomplete”

“I feel privileged, because I get to do something I really enjoy. I also know that I haven't gotten anything for free. Success demands tremendously hard work and you still need some luck”

“My love for singing has never stopped. It's the strength that keeps me going”

“I’m a singer for my soul and for my way of life”

“I'm a real perfectionist. I have to do a lot of work for the result to please me. At times it feels frightening to think how much I have violated myself. “

about Marcelo

“It felt insane to think that half way around the world there was the right person for me”

“Though we have born far away from each other, we still make each other whole very well.”

"I felt my life changing remarkably when I met my husband. From him I found a person who really appreciates and supports me perfectly. Before I didn’t dare to trust that this could happen to me. I was very suspicious.”

“I'm definitely not that kind of person who shouts in every place "Attention, attention, I'm here now!" But in that moment when I needed someone to be there, Marcelo was there. By observing that and being really at my side probably was the thing that charmed me.”

“Marcelo have opened me up. My daring to solve things quickly comes from Argentine husband. He makes things topical right when it’s need to do so! I have been surprised about what kind of views I say nowadays”

“For the luck, in our relation there hasn't been a day when beautiful words were lacking“

“Marcelo has taught me to show my emotions and talk about them freely. We can say everything directly to each other“

”Together we're at our strongest and best. Marcelo makes me feel free. With him I can be myself with flaws and everything. Marcelo knows everything about me and I know everything about him. He listens and supports me and I really don't feel like a marionette or a Barbie”

“The days always begin happily, because we reserve every morning a half an hour to cuddle and wake up together”

“Marcelo is my best supporter. Without his aid, encouragement and the strength he's given me, I wouldn't be here right now, so strong”

“Being with your partner 24/7 is foreign to the Finnish culture. But from my heart I can say that we're extremely happy together. People don't probably understand how well we are together. No one can know how strong the connection between us is”

“ We both have the freedom to think and act, but also the possibility to share everything immediately. We give each other enough space”

"We are still like just fallen in love, everything feels as wonderful as when we met. Many times people think that we really have met recently."

about her childhood

“My greatest idol was Whitney Houston. I always wished to be exactly like her, and often tried to imitate her. My vocal teacher liked that. He always told me that I would be the next Whitney Houston one day. But one day I started to make an education in classical singing. He never spoke a word to me again. I think he was very disappointed about my decision and would have wanted me to go on singing soul.”

“I hated the government as young. I broke windows and took part in demonstrations”

"I've always been a girl who makes her own decisions. My parents never opposed when I had made my mind up."

“At school my girlfriends laughed when I came from the practise class and said that the lamp broke. It was an old fluorescent lamp that had chirred for a long time. It was just a matter of a certain pitch that it broke. I never told to principal about it.”

about her mother

“In every concert room I have a picture of my mother and a small candle to remind of her.”

“Mum always reminded that being yourself, you'll get the furthest in life”

“Only now I have time to grieve. I still have moments, when I miss her so much. She was so strong, but sensitive. Now I've had the time to stop and think of what happened, think back. Only now I can talk about her death. It's still hasn't been that long On the other hand through the longing there are also flashes of tender memories of good moments. At times I have a good feeling mixed with yearning and bittersweetness”

about Christmas

“It's a time to come together with your family. I miss my family and Christmas is the time to be together. I play the piano and the whole family sings. On Christmas morning we naturally go to church”

“The meaning of Christmas to me after growing up has emphasized, I notice year after year that it's getting more and more commercial. You easily loose yourself trotting on the last minute, getting presents for every single godchild, family member and friend, but I have tried to stay away from that. It's more about, in my own life the closeness and importance of family and the love and the sign of good mood has emphasized, not so much about what the environment creates every year”

“I look forward to it like a child. Since I’m away so often, I’m looking forward even more than in my childhood. For me it is the only chance to really switch off and feel myself really safe”

about friendship

“In the past I had many so-called friends which showed more and more interest in me the more famous Nightwish became. They have not seen me as a person, though, but only as the Nightwish vocalist and only associating with me therefore”

“In a case of friendship, I want to be seen as a person and not as star or someone who brings advantages to those people”

“I am proud of having so good and close friends in my life. It is great to have people to trust around you. To mention something that I might be regretting is very hard, because I have been following my wishes through my life and I wouldn't like to go back and to change anything I have done. Everything that has happened had a reason to”

about men and women

“Women have to bear more things than men. It starts with the period women are getting each month the changes of mood coming with it. Men don’t have such problems; they’re always in the same mood. But in this world, there is no place for changes of mood. A woman has to fulfill her appointments just like a man, no matter how she’s feeling. And this takes a lot of strength”

“Women can do anything just as good like men can.”

“Women are more intuitive. They can think of how others may feel and have a better way of communication because of that.”

“I like men who are considerate and treat you like a woman”

about babies

“I love kids. I think honestly, I could be a great mother. Only concern is that the mother should have time for her kids and I don’t have that time yet. I hope that time will come in the future. I am not in a hurry and the clock is not ticking, so I will wait until the time is right”

“I'm not sure if it's a good idea to give birth to a child. Life's getting so strange and weird these days. It's a risk and you have to take a great responsibility. I'm not sure if I'm ready to take it right now”

“ I have thought to start building the family in 5 years time because I believe I still have time. I love kids but I don't want to put them in the middle of the most important time of the career. I always wanted to have kids when the time is right. I don't want them to suffer because the mother is too busy with her things”

“ Any plans haven't been made. It will be time for children when our life is in balance. Though, even then you can't just order them like that”.

“I haven't marked having kids to my calendar. By the time my kids would reach the age to go to school my life has to be in balance. You have to be able to offer them roots and a warm home. I would consider it a blessing to be a mother some day. I think I'd be a fairly good mother. “

about sex

“If you can trust each other. If you don't have to be afraid that you will be misunderstood while doing it and you know your partner well, and when you love him besides, of course. Only in this way has "making love" deserves this description, and only in this way its a very intensive experience, in which you can totally abandon yourself. it is an indescribable feeling to realize that you'll be together with somebody for a while and you love him always more. You wake up and think, you can love nobody stronger and only one week later you feel more for exactly this person. That’s wonderful and makes the fun of sex more special “

“You don't know your partner and you don't feel anything for him. Under such conditions sex can't be fulfilling, because the right feelings doesn't exist, so the act itself will be reduced of something very mechanical and this is really not beautiful”

about females in metal

“ I know that bands like that are appearing like mushrooms at the autumn. When we have autumn in Finland, mushrooms appear everywhere. Of course most of them have good ideas and make interesting jobs. But when some singer of those ones tries to sound like me, she's totally wrong. Because each singer is unique, even her personality makes her voice sound in a different way. In other words, it's a waste of time for those young women try to be who they are not. They must be themselves and develop their voices from that”

“ I think that there's a pressure over those girls, guys from that band must say her :" Then, in this part you have to sing like Tarja Turunen." so, those poor girls fell obliged to do something that they're not able to do. And it's very dangerous, you can destroy your voice. But I'm proud of knowing that I am some kind of reference for those girls.”

“It is definitely amazing how many metal bands have female singers nowadays, but it is just flattering for me to know that I was there among the first ones. It is good to know that girls have won their right to be in that position in a so called men’s world. It is anyway not easy to be convincing in that position. I have felt that I am under judgment all the time, because I have to look good enough, be strong enough”

“It’s not easy being a female singer in Heavy Metal. It’s not easy being a woman in Rock or Pop; you need to take care of your looks, you need to take care of your attitude. But for me when I entered the Heavy Metal “circle” people already knew my background, that I was not a Heavy Metal singer or Rock singer, they knew that I was a classical singer”

“There aren't many educated voices in this genre and more important, no classical singers mad enough to try it out. This way I learned much about my voice and myself as a person”

about Nightwish

“I'm happy with every experience with this band. It's a fairy tale I'll tell my grandchildren someday”

“Since our start in 1997 we have been able to reach more people with each album and that is great. Al of a sudden we have so much success you almost don’t dare to dream anymore”

“No matter how complicated or weird our music sounds, it is always based on real emotions”

“Nightwish gave me a huge life experience in many ways. It introduced me into metal music and I was accepted in this genre, as myself, no matter what my background was. I learned to like some bands, sounds and elements of metal in my long career with this music style”

“In these nine years of career with the band, I grew as an artist and started to realize what kind of different things I can do as a singer”

"There were not many Finnish bands - everyone was listening to pop or Iron Maiden and things like that when we were growing up, but because the music is heavy metal we never thought it could get that big, to have the situation that we're having now where our albums are selling more in some countries than there are heavy metal kids!"

“It took me many years to learn how to sing with Nightwish: unfinished classical singer stepped into heavy metal and to a stage where you must move all the time. I can’t stand in front of the microphone stand all the time and to concentrate to the technique: does the breathing come out in right way, do I do the technique in right way and does the voice come out in right way. Practicing that took many years”

”I try to sing Tuomas´ songs with the meaning he wrote them. So I don’t only sing, I tell a story and do music"

about performing

“Sometimes I say to myself that tonight I´ll give little less that 110 percent. But that´s just impossible when I see how people react and what expectation they have.”

”If the audience doesn´t react so much, I must exert more. If the audience reacts I can just enjoy the mood. That usually begins in the middle of the gig: my voice and body start to warm up, it´s easier to sing, it feels easy”

“I feel the warmth in me, in the audience and in the guys: this is our thing. In that point I have deep self-confidence: no-one does this thing better than I and we do.”

”If people really enjoy, if I for example see a touched person in the audience, I really feel that with this I can carry on next two weeks. That I want to be a singer”

“The energy of people helps a lot. I concretely change energy with the audience. I take contact with my eyes a lot”

“Once I wasn´t nervous at all and I said that to the guys. They said that damn Turunen, now go out that door and hear that noise. I only had to listen to it for one minute. I came back to backstage: Wo-ho! I´m nervous now”

“When I come to the stage, the acceptance of the audience is awesome. I feel it inside myself, that I’m warmly welcome to sing there in the middle of the stage. The noise is loud as hell! It’s always some kind of narsistic growing of an ego”

“We gather in front of the drums, grab each others hands and bow. The feeling is awesome in that point. Better than sex! Many times I start to cry. That feeling is so deep: can this be possible that people react like this? There are so many of them, as far as eyes can see. I’m so full of energy on joy. It feels that I will never want to go off from this stage."

about touring

“Singing two hours in a row at 11-12PM, when you normally should go to sleep in your private life, is so huge physical experience for me that there simply must be a certain kind of special conditions for me when touring. Touring and living on the road, is a very hard thing to do in itself. You should maintain a certain positive mood in you all the time ´coz it´s a part of a good promotion. Also there´s certain rules how I should be dressed when seeing and meeting fans on tours as it´s a part of this whole circus as well as far as promotional purposes and values are concerned. It´s kind of an exhausting life both mentally, but also physically all in all as you should take so many things into consideration at the very same time. Keeping my voice in a good shape during the tours depends on how I sleep, what I eat and how I manage to avoid and keep away from certain things that may cause some troubles to my voice. It´s a really long list of things, but it´s all essential and necessary for my voice without doubts...”

“The climate really is the most difficult thing in touring. I need to prepare myself for tours in many ways. Going to gym, having a good night sleep, not drinking alcohol on tours, not being in a smoky places, eating healthy food etc...training my voice every day, on tours too. It is very important to practise with some exercises on tours too, just to keep the singing condition going on all the time””

“On our first tours, things had lead to some displeasure on both sides, but we have learned to compromise in the meantime and to accept each other as we are.” ”

”If there was someone smoking in the bus, or partying, I could never get to sleep well. And even the air conditioner, if I traveled for 2 days, in the morning I woke up like a zombie””

“My voice, which is very fragile, has always put limitations to me and those limits I have needed to follow. Otherwise I wouldn't have sung since ages anymore in Nightwish or anywhere else. It has been very important to get enough rest for the body and mind in order to have been able to continue touring without getting sick and canceling shows. Touring was for me somehow time to work, time to meet people and enjoy of the concerts. During tours I kept my body in condition, by swimming when ever I could and vocalizing every concert days. I can have fun and go out with my friends when I am in private. That time is not on tours”

“Touring is hard: you can really feel it in those mornings when you wake up in the tour bus in some city and already then fans have surrounded you. You must know what is going on, get pretty and have strength enough to be friendly"

about the split

“Of course memories will come up but I will love this music until the end of my life”

“I could have understood the content of it a lot better if I’d been confronted with it face to face, and thereby had a chance to defend myself, and straightened out misunderstandings that lie behind it. I never got that opportunity, and that really hurts me. I didn’t think I deserved such treatment after all of these years”

“I never got to say goodbye to the fantastic audience we have all over the world. They probably feel cut off, and so do I.”

”I never, as a person myself, would have put somebody into that situation that other people should take sides, that is horrible, that is really painful. I am trying to get through without blaming the band, without accusing or getting dirty. I have never been that kind of person, I don't want to be that kind of person”

”I don't know if they really considered what all of this, the situation they put me in, would cause to me, my private life, my marriage, my husband, my relatives and my family in general.. I have never needed to face a situation like now that I am concerned about my security”

“It’s something I’ll never understand and something I’ll never forget. Maybe forgive someday, but never forget”

about the fans

"You have been my strength and delight. I want to thank you for giving me the energy of believing in myself. I will be singing for you and thanking you with all my heart."

“The fans made it easy for me to enter this new world and that gives me the power to carry on”

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