Epica live review

Source: Metal Assault

By Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal


February 18th 2010, House Of Blues, West Hollywood CA: This was a really interesting touring line-up with three very different bands on the same bill. So going in, other than Blackguard whom I had seen once before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had heard about Epica as being an unusual kind of band, having a quite unique style of music and hadn't even heard of the name Threat Signal.


The first band to entertain the audience was Blackguard, who played a five-song, 30-minute set for us. I loved these guys when they opened for Ensiferum back in November and they were every bit as good this time around too. They definitely give it their 100%, if not more, and one thing they do well is pick good bands to open for on tour. Their brand of music can be termed as melodic death metal with folk influences. I personally love this kind of music, with the likes of Children Of Bodom being one of my favorite bands. The Epica fans present here tonight seemed to enjoy every bit of this as well, giving the band a warm welcome. Paul "Ablaze" Zinay is the driving force on stage, ably supported and complemented by the others. Paul managed to get the crowd singing along and dispersed his seemingly boundless energy into them. As said by Epica guitarist Mark Jansen in my interview with him, 'I hope that band is big in the future'.


Here's their complete set list:


  1. The Sword
  2. Scarlet to Snow
  3. Farewell
  4. Allegiance
  5. This Round's On Me


The next band were Threat Signal, another Canadian band, but of the groove/metalcore kind. They did have some tight riffs and solos in them and I enjoyed some of their songs. The crowd didn't really seem to get into them at all though and it looked like they were waiting for the band to finish their set. I would say the songs off of their latest album Vigilance sounded much better than the ones from the first album. I give them kudos for coming out on tour with bands totally different in musical style. I'm sure they would have had a better response at some of the other venues. The bassist Pat Kavanagh was really energetic with his playing as well as head banging, as was the band as a whole. The music is pretty good for their genre. It wouldn't have been such a bad thing to get exposure in front of diverse crowds here and I hope they find more similar bands to tour with next time around.


After a half an hour wait, the lights went out and the prelude 'Samadhi' started among loud cheers. The place wasn't packed, but those in attendance were surely loud enough, as Epica hit the stage with the song 'Resign to Surrender'. You couldn't help but admire frontwoman Simone Simons' amazing vocal prowess, lending her operatic vocals and swaying to the music, creating quite an atmosphere at the House Of Blues. One of the better songs of the night, 'Sensorium' was up next. I was enjoying this song even as I was in the photo pit, busy taking pictures of the band.


I had heard a lot about Simone's live powerful performances and every bit of it was true. Not to say that the other members aren't worth mentioning. Mark Jansen is obviously the creative force in the band and did justice to all his compositions on the stage as well. The other guitarist Isaac, who recently joined the band, seems to have made a big difference in keeping with the energy levels. Two more new songs 'Unleashed' and 'Martyr Of The Free Word' followed. I hadn't heard the new album before this and the music seemed quite different from some of the older stuff I had heard. Fans were delighted to hear the song 'Fools Of Damnation' after this. Make shift piano player Simone's boyfriend Oliver Palotai did a good job with his solo.


Simone displayed her magic on vocals in the ballad 'Tides Of Time'. They had a good selection for the remaining songs as well, bringing out two more songs from the first album Phantom Agony. The encore performance consisted of 'Cry For The Moon', 'Quietus' and they ended with 'Consign To Oblivion'.


Overall, it was a very interesting and entertaining night of diverse music. I'm glad I got a chance to get to know the music of two bands whom I wasn't familiar with and explore my taste in music just that little bit more. As for the fans, they were having a good time on the floor, singing and clapping along to every prompt by Simone and Mark and getting some mosh pits going during the faster sections of the music. Epica's 'Design Your Universe' tour 2010 is definitely a success.


Here's the complete set list:


  1. Samadhi
  2. Resign To Surrender
  3. Sensorium
  4. Unleashed
  5. Martyr Of The Free Word
  6. Fools Of Damnation
  7. Imperial March
  8. Piano Solo
  9. Tides Of Time
  10. Seif Al Din
  11. The Obsessive Devotion
  12. Design Your Universe
  13. Cry For The Moon
  14. Quietus
  15. Consign To Oblivion


Check out the bands here:
Threat Signal

Nightwish » Once Release Party, Kitee

Source: Beyond Ear Candy
May 22

(AMBR'S journal of her trip to Helsinki and Kitee)

Backstage prior to show.

The air in the Ice Palace vibrates with tension as over 3500 fans milling on the floor and shifting restlessly in the stands await the arrival of Nightwish. Spots of light begin to trace eerie patterns on the dimly lit stage as an orchestral intro begins to play, intensifying the building excitement. In the burgeoning glow, dark silhouettes can be seen taking their positions and the crowd responds with an appreciative roar. A whispered voice breathes back, “Once…I had a dream….and this is it!” 

Instantly, growling, guitars stalk through the arena, possessing every corner of the hall. In a burst of intense flame “Dark Chest Of Wonders” breaks over the crowd as Tarja Turunen, dressed in black pants and a long red coat, spears the air with the first heart-rending vocal notes. The flashes of frenetic lighting and erupting fire hypnotically ensnare every eye while the overwhelming majesty of the music envelopes the audience in an passionate embrace. The first song to be played live off the new album, Once brings every sense in tune, and the outside world evaporates into a meaningless void.

The show has begun.

As the song ends in a crashing crescendo, the audience is given no release from the tension as the words “Master! Apprentice!” herald the start of the popular title track from the Wishmaster album. The crowd sings along, reveling in the wizardry of keyboards that conjure fantasy images of sorcery in song. The energy of the band rises during the instrumental break as the rippling keyboards of Tuomas Holopainen, pounding drums of Jukka Nevalainen and Emppu Vuorinen’s snappy guitar solos inspire the crowd into a flurry of head banging. Followed quickly by “She is My Sin” from the same album, the excitement has no chance to abate.

A streaming curtain of rain blurs the band into a surreal and distant image from which the heart-breaking chords of “Nemo” pool and eddy. The single release from Once takes on a mystical quality played behind water effect. Ethereal lighting flickering through the droplets seeming to shroud the entire stage with mist. The pure beauty of Tarja’s voice, rising in a sorrowful cry one moment and slipping into a mournful lament the next, wrenches the heart-strings to the point of tears.

Just when the heartache becomes nearly unbearable, the band blasts into “Dead to the World”, from Century Child. The lighting swirls in a myriad of colors as Tuomas’ lightening-fast keyboard scales send excitement flying back around the hall. The harsh vocals of Marco Hietala duel back and forth with Tarja’s sweet singing until a final combined shout ends the contest in a draw.

Horror and harmony meld into a hypnotic spell as “Planet Hell” from the new album engulfs the crowd. The evil commands of Marco contrast dramatically with the dire warnings crooned by Tarja. Tuomas’ keyboards sparkle across a river of heat and flame produced by the chanting chorus and phantom orchestra. The blazing pyrotechnics erupt continuously with scorching heat that flushes the faces of even those standing in the back row. Truly an overwhelming display of music and imagery that snatches the breath from the lungs leaving the listeners panting in fear and ecstasy.

Terror and turmoil give way to lust and longing as the band concocts a potent spell in the ravishing “Come Cover Me” off Wishmaster. Tarja’s voice evokes bittersweet desire as her vocals soar with unbelievable power to the heights of passion. Another crowd favorite, the entire audience seems to sway in time with the music, as Tarja, now wearing a knee-length, red jacket, enchants every eye and ear.

“Higher Than Hope” was an unusual selection for the release party. This tribute to Nightwish fan, Marc Brueland, who passed away last year from a chronic illness, is one of the most unique and unsettling songs on Once. Co-written by Marco and Tuomas, the song alternates between sweet sorrow and frustrated anger at the unfairness of a young life taken too soon. The slow cadence and strident chorus pound through the arena creating a disturbing feeling of fear and despair.

Tarja is given a respite as Marco takes control with a demanding rendition of Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”. His trademark rasping vocals and commanding guitar, combined with Emppu’s crackling lead breathes fresh energy into this old favorite from the metal archives.

After donning a form-fitting, shorter red jacket, Tarja regains the matching red microphone and takes control with “Bless the Child” from Century Child as the curtain of rain returns like a purple waterfall. Her powerful pleas sinks deep into the psyche as the staccato bursts from keys and guitars set every nerve tingling.

“Elvenpath” from Angels Fall First follows, launching the crowd on a fantasy journey into the world of elves and mythical creatures. The mood is maintained as the band blankets the crowd with the mystical shroud of “Stargazers” from the album Oceanborn. Rarely played live, the song brings a hush of breathless wonder from the audience relishing this unusual treat. Once again Tarja’s voice rises to unbelievable heights taking possession of hearts and souls.

A brief pause allows the audience to refocus, setting the stage for the next surprise. Unbelievably, the opening strains of the “Phantom of the Opera” radiate from the stage over the shocked assembly. This cover of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s title track from the famous play appeared on the Century Child album and is a rare addition to a live set. Marco and Tarja spar vocally in a dramatic duet with no quarter given. Tarja clips the usually prolonged soaring notes at the end but delivers with more power and energy as a result.

Showing no sign of tiring, Tarja launches immediately into the haunting single, “Sleeping Sun.” Once again, the power and beauty of her voice fills the hall with grace and passion ensnaring every shred of consciousness in a dulcet dream of melody and emotion. The lyrics, “I wish for this night-time to last for a lifetime.” draws the entire audience into a single entity of shared desire. No one wants this show to end.

A return to normality is briefly granted as the popular cover of Gary Moore’s “Over the Hills and Far Away” sweeps the assembly into an enthusiastic sing-a-long. With the crowd’s pleasure now at a fevered pitch, the band disappears from the stage, leaving the anxious fans frantic for more.

The heart-breaking melody of Dead Boy’s Poem ushers the band back on the stage. This sorrowful lament to lost innocence off the Wishmaster album sucks the crowd back into a whirlpool of melancholy ecstasy. Just as the little boy’s voice ends his bitter soliloquy, Century Child’s, “Slaying the Dreamer” devours the poetry like a roaring lion erupting from a wounded lamb. The mood shifts from angst to anger as the pitiful pleas from the previous song are overtaken by the furious rant of the next.

The real world surfaces momentarily as Marco takes the time to introduce the band, eliciting laughter as he debates whether it should be “Miss” or “Mrs.” Tarja Turunen. The stunning singer has once again changed outfits gracing the stage in a satiny, red, halter-style top and loose, flowing black pants.

A pounding dance beats takes control of the hall as “I wish I had an Angel” claims it’s territory. Marco’s predatory vocals evoke a sense of fear and loss as he howls his unfulfilled desire for love and beauty. The song, and the show, end in a last shout of frustration and despair, echoed in the hearts of the fans who realize, as a shower of glittering confetti burst over them, that this incredible journey is truly over. The band remains on stage awhile for final bows and the presentation of awards for the single, “Nemo” sales success. Slowly, the cloud of confetti settles to the floor and the crowd’s euphoria with it. Mixed emotions will prey in the minds of many as joy mingles with the sadness that usually accompanies the end of such a long-awaited and intensely enjoyable experience.

The Once Release Party was a monstrous performance swirling with sights and sounds. Obviously the orchestra and some other sound effects were recorded and there were some minor glitches in timing and production, but the overall hypnotic effect shielded most of these little disappointments from all but the most observant in the audience. Rarely do metal music shows even twice this size indulge in such a massive display of light, fire, water and color. Truly, Nightwish has given a special gift to their hometown and the privileged outsiders who had the good fortune to join them. It was an incredible display of vision and talent leaving many listeners breathless and somewhat troubled by the necessity of returning to reality.

The Show.

Delain Live » Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Source: DPRP (Dutch Progressive Rock Page)

Thursday, 19th March 2009
Article and photos By Edwin Roosjen

This Thursday evening Dutch gothic metal band Delain was throwing a party in honour of the release of their second album April Rain. Mastermind of Delain is Martijn Westerholt who needed to start a new band to take a shot at the glory he missed out on. In 2001 he was diagnosed with Pfeiffer's disease just before his band Within Temptation was at the point of a break through. He had to leave the band and in 2006 he returned with his project Delain. The debut album Lucidity featured many well known names like Marco Hietala (Nightwish), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Ad Sluijter (Epica) and Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes). The biggest star on that album was Charlotte Wessels, an unknown 19-year old singer that lived down the street from Martijn. Delain was intended as a one time project but Martijn searched and found band members that were given the difficult task to compete with the famous names on the album. The first time I saw them was just after the release of their debut album and they already impressed me. Though not as technically skilled or experienced they showed potential and above all a very positive attitude towards their music and audience.

Delain is a band that is trying to become more than a support act. The concert was in the small hall at the Melkweg but the place was packed, my estimation of the number of people who attended the concert would be about six hundred. When the curtains opened two big screens on each side of the stage showed that Delain was being professional about their music career. The guitar and the microphone had a small camera that displayed live action on the screens.
I was surprised they did not start with the title track and Invidia was not a song that really pleased me. Control The Storm and Stay Forever, both also from the new album, satisfied me a lot more. This could also be because at that time I had inserted my earplugs so that the volume level would be decreased to an acceptable level. The new songs feature more vocals by Charlotte and less male vocals and grunts, later it became clear that this is the case for the majority of the new songs. The keyboard intro to Sleepwalkers Dream was welcomed with a big roar. The audience showed that they knew the lyrics to this song from Lucidity. Next was title track and next single April Rain. The screens showed the video clip that was shot in Serbia. Great performance and a confirmation that Delain has grown as a band. I'll Reach You and On The Other Side also impressed me and I was amazed by the amount of new songs Delain was playing. Instead playing well known songs from their debut album they almost completely played their whole new album. The guitar solos are not a hot issue in the sound of Delain, just like for Epica for which they supported in the past. I shivered while watching a guitar solo that looked more like an easy practice tune and a solo a bit more difficult was certainly not flawless. Guitar player Ronald Landa is more convincing during the metal riffs.

Sever started with a slow drum intro but this opening song from Lucidity created some headbanging action. Lost was followed by Delain's very first single Frozen. Delain asked the audience to go crazy on their mark during Go Away. And at their mark the audience replied with headbanging and all hands up in the air. For me, and probably a lot more, the best Delain song is The Gathering. This song is easily accessible and always causes jumping and singing among the fans. The first time I saw them they had to play this song twice due to lack of material but two years later this was not necessary. The first part of the show ended with April Rain's closing song Nothing Left. Of course Delain returned after shouting "We Want More". New song Virtue and Price was followed by the closing song of Lucidity, Pristine.

Delain has become more professional and the new songs impressed me. Delain still has that positive attitude and a very pleasant vibe. Their solid fanbase and fame resulted in a nice Spinal Tap moment. Guitar player Ronald Land could not find his way to the backstage area and seemed a bit scared when a Melkweg employee told him he had to walk through the area between the wardrobe and the CD stand. Their fame has not risen to that level, ha can walk amongst Delain fans without his clothes being ripped off, but Delain sure made the next step. I do not think Martijn will achieve the same level as his former band Within Temptation but the new album April Rain is certainly one to be proud of. Hoping to hear from this band a lot more.

Control The Storm
Stay Forever
Sleepwalkers Dream
April Rain
I'll reach You
On The Other Side
Go Away
The Gathering
Nothing Left

Virtue And Vice

Nightwish Live » Der Markthalle, Hamburg

Source: Mediekonverter
By: Oliver


IN GERMAN. Translation?

Ca. 700 Leute hatten sich am Donnerstag Abend vor der Markthalle eingefunden. Auf den ersten Blick war zu erkennen, daß fast alle wegen Nightwish gekommen waren, und die beiden Supportbands "Eternal Tears of Sorrow" und "Sinergy" nur schmückendes Beiwerk waren. Wobei "schmückend" wohl nicht das richtige Wort ist. "Eternal Tears of Sorrow" hatten wohl ihren einzigen Fan mitgebracht, der auch fleißig "Headbanging" geübt hat, und gegen die classisch trainierte Stimme von Tarja hatte die weibliche Sängerin von "Sinergy" wohl eher was von einem krächzenden Raben. Kurz: "Nightwish" hätte auch gut ohne diesen "Support" auskommen können.

Um Halb 11 gings dann endlich richtig zur Sache, und "Nightwish" entfesselten ein wahres Feuerwerk. Endlich einmal ein Konzert, wo sich der Gesang nicht von den Instrumenten unterbuttern ließ. Tarjas ausdrucksvoller Gesang riß auch die Fans in der hintersten Ecke mit und schon bald tobte der Saal zu Songs wie "Come Cover me" oder "The Kinslayer" vom neuen Album "Wishmaster"(Siehe Kritik). 1,5 Stunden ging es richtig ab...immer mal wieder unterbrochen von den etwas ruhigeren Songs wie "Dead Boys Poem" oder "Walking in the air". Nightwish sind schon eine Ausnahme-Erscheinung im Goth-Metal-Bereich, vielleicht sollte man eher von Classic meets Goth-Metal reden ? Ich habe selten ein so gutes Konzert erlebt.

Also, wer von Euch Gelegenheit hat ein Konzert von Nightwish zu besuchen sollte nicht zögern...die 30 DM Eintritt sind gut angelegt...vielleicht etwas später erscheinen, so erspart man sich die miserablen Vorgruppen!

Nightwish Live » Messehalle, Erfurt

Source: Medienkonverter
By: Enrico


IN GERMAN. Translation? 


Es ist knapp ein Jahr her, da begeisterten Nightwish Reloaded die deutschen Fans erstmalig auf ihrer Dark Passion Play Tour. Zwar war die musikalische Qualität noch ausbaufähig und man erwischte sich bei jedem altem Song dabei, Anette mit Tarja zu vergleichen, doch der Spaß kam nicht zu kurz. Anette wirbelte wie in frischer Wind über die größten Bühnen Deutschlands und absolvierte ihre erste Bewährungsprobe mit Bravour. Es folgte eine Tour um die ganze Welt, ein stimmungsvoller Abstecher zum Wacken (inklusive Bengalischem Feuer im Publikum - was für ein Bild), bevor die Chartstürmer uns erneut beglücken. DejaVu Tour nennt sich das Ganze und führt uns heute in die Thüringische Landeshauptstadt.

Let's Go - so düsen Kollegin Nadine, Fotomaus Tine und ich voller Vorfreude in Richtung Messehalle. Als vor wenigen Monaten Alice Cooper in der gleichen Halle spielte, konnten die Besucher noch kostenlos parken - heute muss jedes Auto drei Euronen berappen. Wofür eigentlich? Niemand musste einen vorübergehenden Parkplatz installieren? Deutschland - ich zock dich ab!


Rein in die Halle, die jetzt schon prächtig gefüllt ist. Leider haben sich die Organisatoren gegen die ausfahrbare Tribüne entschieden, sodass alle Sitzmetaller in die Röhre schauen müssen. Stehen ist Gesund und deshalb wird die viel zu kleine Raucherinsel aufgesucht, bevor es dann kurz vor 20 Uhr mit Indica losgeht.

Mir bisher völlig unbekannt, zeigen die Finninnen warum sie in ihrer Heimat eine große Nummer sind und sich auch schon mit Platin-Ehren schmücken durften. Eine delikate Mischung aus süßen Pop-Melodien und leicht verdaulicher Härte, gepaart mit vereinzelten Violinen-Soli machen diese ersten 20 Minuten zu einem wahren Genuss.

Die Mädels strahlen um die Wette, vor allem Gitarristin Jenny feixt die ganze Zeit und auch der hübschen Sängerin Jonsu sieht man die Freude an. Man merkt schnell - heute wird ein großartiger Abend. Wenn schon der unbekannte Support-Act solch eine Qualität aufweist, kann nichts mehr schief gehen. „Ich Liebe Dich" haucht Jonsu in ihr Mikro - sie meint bestimmt mich, da sind wir uns alle einig.

Dennoch jubeln alle, bevor mit dem Kate Bush Cover „Wuthering Heights" der Höhepunkt erreicht wird. Und wer jetzt die Stirn runzelt und sich fragt, wie man als süße Mädelband solch eine Ikone covern könnte, ohne lebenslang ausgepeitscht zu werden (würde ich dann übernehmen), der sollte sich irgendwo mal diese Lied anhören.

Wirklich klasse und das überraschend erwachsene Publikum honoriert den Auftritt mit großem Jubel. Leider war nach 20 Minuten schon wieder alles vorbei und Indica verabschieden sich mit „Pahinta tanann" vom begeisterten Erfurt. Keine Frage - Indica könnten auch hierzulande eine große Nummer werden.

Zum Glück habe ich vor Indica einen Roadie nach dem Zeitplan gefragt, um so zu erfahren, dass zwischen Indica und PAIN 20 Minuten Pause sind. Daher war die Überraschung sehr groß, als bereits auf dem Rückweg von der Raucherinsel das erste Geschäpper uns von der Bühne entgegenbrande.

Tja - 10 Minuten sind eben nicht 20 Minuten, aber was soll's. Rein in den Pit und mit Peter abgerockt. „I'm Going In" vom neuen Album „Cynic Paradise" peitscht durch die Boxen. Das Publikum schaut leicht verdutzt - solch harten Klänge haben die älteren Herrschaften wohl nicht erwartet. 


Dennoch bildet sich vor der Bühne ein dezenter Mosh Pit. Auch wenn sich die Musik von PAIN seit dem Anbeginn der Zeit nicht verändert zu haben scheint, macht Peter Tägtgrens Industrial-Metal live immer höllisch Spaß. Alle unter 25 bangen mittlerweile, denn der Klassiker „End Of The Line" knallt um sich. 


Leider verspielt sich Drummer David Wallin ab und zu, was dem coolen Gesamteindruck aber nicht mindert. Leider dürfen Peter und seine Mitstreiter aber auch nur knapp 25 Minuten ran. Mehr als sieben Songs sind da einfach nicht drin. 


Doch alle machen das Beste draus und tanzen, moshen oder singen bei Songs wie „Just Hate Me" oder „Same Old Song" frenetisch mit. Peter ärgert seine Kollegen und treibt das Publikum weiter an, die mittlerweile kollektiv eine prima Stimmung verbreiten.

Mit „Monkey Business" erklingt kurz vor Schluss noch ein zweiter Reißer der aktuellen Scheibe, bevor mit dem Überhit „Shut Your Mouth" der kurze, aber sehr intensive Gig ein viel zu schnelles Ende findet. Geil!

01. I'm Going In
02. End Of The Line
03. Zombie Slam
04. Just Hate Me
05. Same Old Song
06. Monkey Business
07. Shut Your Mouth

Nun sollte es dann doch etwas länger dauern, bis der heutige Headliner die Bühne betritt. Es wird geschraubt, installiert und alle möglichen Elemente verrückt, bevor es soweit sein sollte. Bereits in der Pause fühlte man sich wie in einem Fußball-Stadion. Die Stimmung war schon vor dem Anpfiff sensationell - einfach perfekt!

Dann geht plötzlich das Licht aus - die Nightwish-Sprechchöre verstummen - die Zeit ist reif: Nightwish! Die Stimmung ist sensationell als Anette, Tuomas und der Rest der heiteren Musikanten während des Intros die Bühne betreten.

Überraschenderweise beginnen sie mit „7 Days To The Wolves" das Set, ist der Track nicht gerade als Stimmungskanone bekannt. Dafür arbeitet die Pyrokanone auf Hochtouren und verwöhnt die Augen.

Apropos Augen - was sehen wir denn da? Anette hat einen neuen Look und ist in den Club der Blondinen eingetreten. Doch das sollte nicht die einzige Neuerung sein. Im Vorfeld versprach man eine neue Setlist und diverse neue Specials.

So spielt Tuomas seine Keyboards heute in einem Boot, während ein riesengroßer Anker die Bühne schmückt - „The Islander" lässt grüßen.

Doch soweit sind wir noch lange nicht. Zunächst wird das Duett „Dead To The World" angestimmt, bei dem auch Marco erstmalig stimmlich in das Geschehen eingreift.

Anette nutzt die vereinzelte Freizeit und flirtet mit den Fans. Sie lacht, sie strahlt - ach was sag ich, alle strahlen. Erfurt scheint heute die Stadt der Liebe zu sein.

Mit „The Siren" erklingt nun schon die dritte „neue" Nummer im Live-Set. Und verglich man 2008 noch Anette mit Tarja, lässt man sich heute einfach treiben und genießt das optische, wie auch musikalische Spektakel auf der Bühne.

Mit der Hitsingle „Amaranth" schifft man erstmalig wieder bekannte Gewässer, bevor zwei faustdicke Überraschungen auf die Fans zukommen.

Dass das durchschnittliche „Romanticide" heute zu Ehren kommt, hat sicher niemand erwartet. Und auch „Dead Boy's Poem" ist eine riesige Überraschung.

Da merkt man auch gleich, dass viele Fans Nightwish wohl erst seit „Once" kennen, denn die Stimmung sinkt beim normalen Publikum etwas ab. Richtige Fans kommen jetzt erst auf ihre Kosten. Doch dann kommt ein Song, auf den sicher alle gewartet haben.

Das Epos „The Poet And The Pendulum" löst Gefühls-Alarm aus und auch die Pyros haben mächtig zu tun. Fontänen, Feuerräder und was weiß der Fischer noch, lässt Silvesterfeeling aufkommen. 12 Minuten Gänsehaut!

Anette weiß, wem der Applaus gebührt und so überlässt sie Tuomas den Jubel der Fans. Verdient hat er es sich. Nach soviel Spektakel, gibt es wieder was für die gute Laune.

Der erste Nummer 1 Hit „Nemo" hat sich nach Erfurt verirrt und wird vom Publikum lautstark mitgesungen.

Kunstschnee überdeckt die Fans in den ersten Reihen und lässt uns ein letztes Mal den Winter huldigen, bevor es mit „Sahara" richtig heiß wird. Tuomas zwinkert sich mit Anette zu, Marco grinst sich einen und Emppu lässt die Rocksau raus.

Doch dann wird es ruhiger. Marco verlangt nach Licht - Handys, Kameras, Feuerzeuge, alles was eben ein wenig Romantik verströmt. Romantik und Handy in einem Satz? Na ja. Es ist natürlich Zeit für Marcos großen Auftritt: „The Islander"!

Nach wenigen Minuten stimmt sogar Anette mit ein und beide zusammen verströmen Gänsehautstimmung. Oh ja - so muss ein Konzert sein. Höhepunkt auf Höhepunkt. Meiner kommt jetzt, denn als die ersten Sekunden des nächsten Songs erklingen, gibt es auch bei mir kein Halten mehr.

„Escapist" war eigentlich nur als B-Seite gedacht, obwohl er meiner Meinung nach, einer der besten Songs auf „Dark Passion Play" gewesen wäre. Nun bekommt er endlich die große Bühne. Meine Fresse - wie geil ist das denn?

Nach fünf Minuten hab ich mich wieder gefasst und muss leider feststellen, dass Anette den letzten Song des Abends ankündigt. Doch nach „Dark Chest Of Wonders" ist zum Glück noch nicht Schluss.

Erfurt tobt, Erfurt schreit und verlangt nach seinen Helden. Diese kehren auch freudestrahlend zurück und bedanken sich brav bei ihren Fans. Oh nein - ich glaub mich trifft der Schlag. Was für eine Setlist?!?

Denn das unglaubliche „Ghost Love Score" ist wieder im Repertoire! Zehn Minuten Luft anhalten ist angesagt, Pyros von allen Seiten, Konfetti von der Decke - die Messehalle wird zum Tollhaus! Anette greift sich das Mikro und glänzt mit ihren Deutsch-Kenntnissen: „Wunderbar" - „Alles gut?"!

Nicht schlecht, aber den besten Spruch hat Emppu auf Tasche: „Hunde Bumsen" Ah jaaaa - darauf Marco: „Emppu lieben kleine Hunde". Erfurt feiert - Nightwish feiern - ein gigantisches Happening.

Leider hat alles ein Ende und so verabschieden sich Anette und ihre Jungs mit dem Diskostampfer „Wish I Had An Angel" von ihren Fans.

Ein letztes Mal singen die Fans, wirklich jeder klatscht im Takt und die Pyros geben noch mal Vollgas. Dann ein Knall und alles ist vorbei. Ein trauriges Outro schwebt durch die riesige Halle und hinterlässt tausende begeisterte Fans. So muss ein Konzert aussehen.

Anette hat sich nicht nur optisch verändert. Auch stimmlich konnte sie zulegen - heute passte einfach alles. Klasse Publikum, klasse Show und eine überirdisch gute Setlist. Chapeau!

01. 7 Days To The Wolves
02. Dead To The World
03. The Siren
04. Amaranth
05. Romanticide
06. Dead Boy's Poem
07. The Poet And The Pendulum
08. Nemo
09. Sahara
10. The Islander
11. Escapist
12. Dark Chest Of Wonders
- - - -
13. Ghost Love Score
14. Wish I Had An Angel

Nightwish Live » Leipzig

Source: Medienkonverter
By: Enrico


IN GERMAN. Translation?

Selten war die Vorfreude auf ein Konzert größer als heute Abend. Nach dem Rauswurf der großartigen Tarja Turunen prophezeiten nicht wenige „Experten" das baldige Ende der finnischen Chartstürmer. Doch alles sollte ganz anders kommen. Mit Anette Olzon präsentierte man im letzten Jahr einen weitgehend unbekannten Ersatz. Der Mut wurde belohnt. Anette sang sich auf „Dark Passion Play" direkt in die Herzen der Fans und auf Platz 1 der deutschen Albumcharts. Doch der endgültige Beweis ihres Könnens, muss sie nun auch auf den Bühnen der Welt bringen - was sie bisher zum Großteil mit Bravour geleistet hat. Nach einem einmaligen Gastspiel auf dem „On A Dark Winter's Night"-Festival in Oberhausen, steht die erste Deutschlandtour auf dem Reiseplan. Also Anette - lass Rocken!

Als Fotochefin Tine, Kollegin Nadine und ich kurz vor 19 Uhr an der Arena ankommen, besteht die erste wichtige Aufgabe darin, sich an der ewig langen Schlange vor dem Eingang herum zu schlängeln - und sie wird mit Bravour gemeistert. Also ab zur Garderobe, wo das erste Mal leichtes Bauchweh aufkommt: 1,50€ für ein Kleidungsstück ist schon ziemlich heftig, aber was soll's. Der auf Event getrimmte Gast bezahlt es zähneknirschend und marschiert sofort zum Bierstand - 3,50€ für ein 0,4 Pils ist auch nicht wirklich billig, aber auch das zahlen wir noch gerne. Jetzt aber rein ins Vergnügen. In der sehr geräumigen Mehrzweckhalle haben sich bereits viele Fans ein Plätzchen gesucht, im Hintergrund läuft Nickelback, auf den Leinwänden wird Werbung für diverse Schlager- und Volksmusikveranstaltungen gemacht und irgendwie komm ich mir bei dem anwesenden Publikum auch wie auf einer vor. Klar gibt es auch viel junges Volk und vereinzelte Kuttenträger, doch der Großteil ist „Normalo" oder ab 35 aufwärts. Ob da heut die Luzi richtig abgeht? Erste Zweifel schleichen sich ein.

Doch dann der Schock. Im Gespräch mit einem Securityagenten, erfahre ich, dass PAIN wohl nicht auftreten werden. Zwar hatte man einen Soundcheck nachmittags versucht, ihn aber wohl abgebrochen. Über das Warum konnte mir der Mann keine Auskunft geben, doch meine Laune war fürs Erste leicht gedämpft. Als dann noch die Durchsage durch die Halle geschossen kam, dass man ja aus Rücksicht auf Nichtraucher das Paffen bleiben lassen sollte und sogar die Handys abstellen möge, frage ich mich schon kurz, wo ich hier gelandet bin. Ist das alles noch Metal? Außerdem ist es eine bodenlose Frechheit, nicht auf den gecancelten PAIN-Auftritt hinzuweisen. Zum Runterkommen greif ich mir schnell was Essbares von den umherlaufenden Brezelmännern - schon besser!

Dann geht's endlich los - "Krieger" beginnen ihr Set und rocken gleich ordentlich drauf los. Mit ihren leicht provokanten Texten, die irgendwo zwischen Punk, Rammstein und Onkelz anzusiedeln sind, sowie ihren an Emigrate erinnernden Songs, vermögen sie die Besucher annehmbar zu unterhalten. Songs wie „Krieger", „Gib mir einen Kuss" oder das rotzige „Heimat" wissen zu unterhalten. „Heimat, Heimat, mir ist kalt!!!" - dann zieh dir doch was an Mann.

Zwischendurch eingebaute Gitarren-Soli überzeugen ebenfalls, so dass KRIEGER mit ihrem knapp dreißigminütigen Auftritt, die Chance vor so einer großen Besucherschar zu spielen, genutzt haben. Mal sehen was die Zukunft für die Jungs so alles mit sich bringt. Nun sollten ja eigentlich PAIN an der Reihe sein, doch schon die Bühnenumbauten deuteten für den geübten Konzertbesucher nicht auf Mastermind Peter Tägtgren sondern auf unsere finnischen Überflieger. Als dann beim Soundcheck schon die ersten Keyboardschwaden eingespielt wurden, ist zumindest mir endgültig klar, dass wir alle auf die Industrialmetaller verzichten müssen.

Um kurz vor halb 10 ist es dann endlich soweit. Die Lichter gehen aus - ein düsteres Intro durchzieht die prima gefüllte Arena zu Leipzig. Jubel keimt auf, als die Jungs von Nightwish nach und nach die Bühne betreten - doch wo ist Anette? Ein Lauter Knall, ein kollektiver Schrei - Feuer Frei! Die Pyros werden zur Höchstleistung aufgefordert, als Anette plötzlich auf der Bühne steht und mit der aktuellen Single „Bye Bye Beautiful" sofort in die Vollen geht. Anette strahlt und verbreitet eine unglaublich freundliche und warme Stimmung auf der Bühne. Die Fans in den ersten Reihen fressen ihr aus der Hand und feiern die zierliche Schwedin nach Leibeskräften. Tuomas bangt wie ein Wilder an seinen Keyboards während Anette und Marco sich heftig duellieren und dabei prächtig harmonieren.

Mit „Cadence Of Her Last Breath" folgt zugleich ein weiterer Track ihres aktuellen Erfolgsalbums „Dark Passion Play". Auch hier lassen sich die Pyros nicht Lumpen und bilden zusammen mit der Band einige wunderschöne Momente. Die Musik verkommt teilweise zu einem „bloßen" Soundtrack - hier gibt's was für die Augen und für die Ohren. „Are we gonna rock?" - „Geht es Euch gut?" Anette begrüßt das Leipziger Publikum auf Deutsch und macht auch dabei eine prima Figur. Überhaupt kommt die Schwedin mit ihrem lockeren Auftreten und ihren frechen Ansagen wunderbar beim Publikum an und weiß die Masse zu unterhalten.

Nun sollte aber mit „Dark Chest Of Wonders" der erste Song aus der Tarja-Ära folgen. Gespannt war ich, nervös und unglaublich interessiert, wie die süße Anette in die großen Fußstapfen ihrer Vorgängerin passen würde. Und ich muss sagen, es passt. Zwar noch nicht wie angegossen, aber besser als von mir erwartet, trällert sie sich durch fünf Minuten Highspeed-Bombast-Metal. Das Publikum honoriert diese Leistung und spendet frenetischen Applaus - Jubel!

Noch ein Album zurück geht es mit „Everdream". Ebenfalls im oberen Geschwindigkeitsdrittel anzusiedeln, kann hier leider Anette nicht ganz an Tarjas Glanzleistungen anknüpfen. Dafür kann sie sich wunderbar an Gitarrist Emppu anschmiegen, der aber seinem geliebten Sechssaiter treu bleibt und sich nicht ablenken lässt. Marco unterstützt Anette beim großen Finale und gemeinsam passt dann wieder alles zusammen was zusammen gehört.

Was uns die gute Anette bei der folgenden Ansage mitteilen möchte, bleibt mir schleierhaft. Zunächst schnattert sie drauf los, dass auch sie ganz schön „dirty" sein kann. Dann bleibt sie beim heutigen Samstag-Abend hängen und das deshalb ja noch sicher einiges geht - aber die Jungs doch bitte Kondome benutzen sollen. Schon richtig, aber bitte das nächste Mal eine bessere Einleitung für „Who Ever Brings The Night". Auf dem aktuellen Album nicht gerade eines der Highlights, kann es live doch mächtig punkten. Druckvoller und mit mehr Energie steht die Live-Umsetzung diesem Song um einiges besser.

Schlag auf Schlag geht es jetzt. Mit „Amaranth" wird der nächste Single-Hit in die Massen geschleudert. Die Bühne färbt sich gelb, während Anette immer wieder das Publikum animiert, noch mehr Stimmung zu machen. „Hey hey hey" - und alle gehorchen ihr aufs Wort. Etwas besinnlicher wird es mit dem folgenden „The Islander". Annette verlässt die Bühne und überlässt zunächst Marco ganz allein das Mikro, der zusammen mit Emppu auf Hockern dieses wunderschöne Seemannsliedchen zum Besten gibt. Dezente Flammen auf der Bühne lassen Lagerfeuerstimmung aufkommen. Doch Wirbelwind Anette hält es nicht hinter der Bühne und kommt im Laufe des Liedes zurück und schließt sich Marco an.

Nach soviel Harmonie und Knuddelstimmung wird es Zeit für die finsteren Momente, die wilden Stürme der Seele. „The Poet And The Pendulum" wird angekündigt - dass laut eigener Aussage, intimste und persönlichste Stück aus Tuomas Feder. Knapp 15 Minuten ziehen Nightwish nun alle Register, vom höchsten Hoch bis zum tiefsten Tief. Dieser Song lässt einen nicht unberührt und wird zum musikalischen Highlight dieses Abends. Aufbrausend, mitreißend um im nächsten Moment an der eigenen Zerbrechlichkeit fast unterzugehen. Pyros kommen ebenfalls zum Einsatz, brennende Windmühlenräder und rote Lamettaschlangen werden aufs Publikum losgelassen - eine viertel Stunde Flucht ins Spektakel. Da kommen selbst die Sitzmetaller auf den Tribünen ins Schwitzen.

Das anschließende „Dead To The World" kann eigentlich gegen den Vorgänger nur abstinken, doch Überraschung Überraschung - das Niveau bleibt weiter oben. Leider trifft das hier nur auf Marco zu, denn das Duett zwischen ihm und Anette verkommt zur One-Man-Show. Marco singt Anette voll gegen die Wand und lässt sie für wenige Minuten nur zum süßen Beiwerk verkommen. Offensichtlich braucht Anette mal einige Augenblicke Pause, denn bevor es weitergeht schnappt sich Marco das Mikro sowie eine Flasche Wodka. Nachdem er einen kräftigen Schluck genommen und sich natürlich für den unglaublichen Support der Fans bedankt hat, kommt er zum Thema PAIN.

Er merkt an, dass die Fans sicherlich drei Bands erwartet hatten, doch bedauerlicherweise PAIN ihren Auftritt streichen musste. Die Jungs sind am Vortag wohl in einen „Streetfight" geraten und haben diverse Verletzungen davon getragen. Peter habe diverse Stichwunden im Gesicht davongetragen, so dass an einen Auftritt heute nicht zu denken war. Er verlangt dennoch, bzw. gerade deswegen einen fetten Applaus für die Jungs, der natürlich nicht lange auf sich warten lässt.

Anette haben die zwei Minuten Pause hörbar gut getan, denn bei „Sahara" kehrt sie zu alter Frische zurück. Marco bekommt der Wodka ebenfalls. Er zockt, zieht Grimassen und spielt schon mal Bass zwischen den Beinen von Emppu. Auch hier bleibt Emppu aber stark. Eine treue Seele der Gute.

Anette kommt jetzt so richtig in Fahrt und schäkert erneut mit dem Publikum. „Alles gut?" - „Are you tired?". Ein kollektives „Neeeee" bläst ihr entgegen. Soviel Wind macht offensichtlich durstig. Sie schnappt sich eine Flasche H2O, nimmt ein Schlückchen und übergibt es den ausgepowerten ersten Reihen. Dann kommt das Zitat des Abends, während einer Unterhaltung mit Marco. „of cause they drink - we are in germany!". Gefolgt von „Ladies and Jentleman" (kein Scheibfehler!). „It sounds so nice!". Leider kündigt sie mit dem folgenden Song schon den letzten Song des Abends an. „Nemo" ertönt und als wenn es die Ankündigung für den Abschluss gebraucht hat, fängt die Arena zu Leipzig zu feiern an.

Die Fans springen, sogar die Sitzmetaller hält es nicht mehr auf den Stühlen. „Nemo" wird tierisch durchgerockt. Anette singt wirklich himmlisch, während Kunstschnee die halbe Halle in eine prächtige Winterlandschaft verwandelt. Der Jubel kennt keine Grenzen mehr als sich Anette mit den Worten „now i will go to the toilett" verabschiedet. Minutenlange „Zugabe, Zugabe"-Rufe lassen die Arena erbeben, bevor sich die Jungs und das süße Mädel zurück auf die Bretter begeben. „Wishmaster" stampft aus den Boxen. Marco und die vor Jukkas Drums tanzende Anette teilen sich den Refrain und fahren wahrlich schweres Geschütz auf.

Anette kommt noch einmal auf die Jungs von PAIN zurück und erklärt, dass ihr Herzel besonders für die Schweden pocht, immerhin kommen sie ja aus dem gleichen Land. Doch dann ist es unwiderruflich soweit. Der letzte Song des Abends steht an. Während man mit dem Tanzflächenfüller „Bye Bye Beautiful" vor gut 90 Minuten begonnen hat, beendet man den Gig mit dem zweiten Diskoreißer der Diskografie: „Wish I Had An Angel".

Noch ein letztes Mal geben die Fans alles, sogar die Kuttenfraktion lässt sich zum Headbangen verführen. Die Pyros knallen, Papierschnipsel regnen in die Menge, während Marco und Anette ein letztes Mal sich gegenseitig zur Höchstleistung antreiben. Dann ist Feierabend. Die Band (v.a. na wer wohl?) knuddelt die auf der Bühne liegenden Teddys und Schafe, verbeugt sich vor dem Leipziger Publikum und sagt auf Wiedersehen!

Ein durch den krankheitsbedingten PAIN-Ausfall viel zu kurzer Konzertabend geht somit zu Ende. Krieger konnten punkten, PAIN leider nicht und Nightwish legten eine großartige Show ab. Auch wenn Anette nicht bei allen Songs perfekt glänzen konnte, überzeugte sie mit ihrem Auftreten, ihrem Umgang mit der Band mit dem Publikum. Diese neue Fröhlichkeit und Lockerheit steht Nightwish unglaublich gut und lässt auf viele spannende und unterhaltsame Konzerte in der Zukunft hoffen. Kiitos & Tack!

Setlist Nightwish:

01. Bye Bye Beautiful
02. Cadence Of Her Last Breath
03. Dark Chest Of Wonders
04. Everdream
05. Who Ever Brings The Night
06. Amaranth
07. The Islander
08. The Poet And The Pendulum
09. Dead To The World
10. Sahara
11. Nemo
- - - - - - -
12. Wishmaster
13. Wish I had an Angel


Nightwish Live » Jannis Landing, St. Peterburg, Florida, US

Source: Blistering
By: Michelle Feingold

Nightwish, Sonata Arctica
 - September 21, 2008

Jannus Landing, a notorious outdoor venue in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida, decided to let the sun shine down on it the evening Nightwish and Sonata Arctica played. A line of Nightwish VIP guests giggled and squealed over all of the musicians walking back and forth through the front gates of the venue, which allowed fans waiting outside to view the bands getting ready and the roadies setting up the stage. No doubt there were a few "Kakko" and "Marco" screams every once in a while; a very blunt way to catch their attention! They were ignored anyhow.

It didn't take long to notice the thick line wrapping around the venue filled with the largest variety of metal heads known to man. They began to trickle in and attach themselves to the sticky barricade in front of the stage. This time we were all fortunate enough to not have to be tortured through an opening band that no one knew.

Surprisingly enough, the show managed to start on time, and Sonata Arctica broke out with one of their best songs off the newest album Unia. The energy and stage presence presented by frontman Tony Kakko has never failed once during a Sonata set, and this was no exception. His genius idea to wear three layers of clothing during a Florida courtyard show in the middle of September did begin to take a toll, his clothes being drenched with sweat by the end of their performance. Although, it seemed that Kakko was the only one entertaining us from the stage. Guitar player Elias was enchanting with his good looks, long flowing hair, and of course guitar skills -but still cannot compare to the emotional rollercoaster Kakko portrays.

Sadly enough, the boys only played about a 40 minute set, and to those who believed that this was a duel-headliner were greatly disappointed at a 7-song show. They did happen to close out with the highly anticipated "The Cage" but, in a majority opinion, will never satisfy the craving for "Wolf and Raven" -something Sonata has yet to play in the United States regardless of the mass amounts of requests.

At least there was one finish band singing about wolves that night: Nightwish broke out with "7 Days to the Wolves" as their opening song, by far one of their most powerful songs on the newest album Dark Passion Play that doesn't happen to be a pop-sounding single. Annette came out on stage as a blonde with a red baby doll dress, a true shock to those who were expecting to see the same style from last year. The ex-brunette with a punk style of fashion has changed up her look and added a huge dose of confidence in her stage presence. Nightwish most likely got the hint from last years' US tour that there were a few kinks that needed to be worked out for the pop-rock style Annette delivers.

Nightwish blew away the crowd with their great mix of their best songs, mostly from the newest album Dark Passion Play, and ended with a few numbers from Century Child as an encore. Annette's mention that she and the members of Nightwish were not used to this type of weather on stage was no over-exaggeration. After the last song played, Annette rested her head on top of Marco's shoulder, both drenched with sweat and radiated exhaustion.

Unfortunately, this ended up being the unexpected last day of the US tour for Nightwish due to Annette getting ill. Performing outside at a Florida venue isn't exactly the brightest idea if you're not used to temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Nightwish Live » The Chance, Poughkeepsie, US

Source: BeyondEarCandy

May 7th, 2008
Contributed by Ann Marie Reilly

The specter of doomed tours past seemed to haunt Nightwish as they attempted to renew their quest for U.S. recognition with a second pass through the states on the Dark Passion Play tour. A canceled cargo flight left their equipment in Mexico City, resulting in the cancellation of their first U.S. date on May 5th at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. As the band cooled their heels in New York City, the gear finally crossed the continent, only to be missing four cases of some of the most important equipment. Thus the show May 6th at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT was also canceled. Wary fans now waited nervously to see if the following night's show at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY would fall victim to the curse. Miraculously, the tour demon released its grip; the gear arrived, and the band made their way up the shores of the Hudson River. The show was on.

A college and light industrial city, Poughkeepsie has its picturesque sections and its downright seedy sections; The Chance is located in the latter. The short walk from the Grand Hotel to the venue is a tour of shabby stores, closed restaurants and a gauntlet of questionable characters hanging in doorways. Tucked down a wide alleyway, The Chance has stood reign over the nightclub scene for over quarter of a century. Worn but not weary, it's layout of many levels and a generous stage makes it easy to see the bands from nearly anywhere in the venue and the sound is usually excellent.

The opener for this leg of the tour is Sonic Syndicate. A multi-faceted, gritty metal band, Sonic Syndicate won a 2005 competition with record label, Nuclear Blast to establish themselves in the NB stable. Their solid debut Eden Fire in 2003 was followed up with the well-received sophomore effort, Only Inhuman in 2005. Reviews were positive, focusing on their layered creations of dark metal themes, biting guitar riffs and atmospheric keyboards. Live, they seemed to lose the edge that sharpened their recorded productions. While their stage performance is energetic and inspired, their sound comes off regrettably generic. The many layers of guitar sequences and vocal statements seem to meld into a muddy blend of aggression that doesn't do their music justice. Nightwish fans were patient but not enthusiastic in their reception. A spin of Sonic Syndicate's actual discs is really needed to appreciate this young, talented band that has not received their due on this tour. Perhaps some extended work on presentation is in order.

Nightwish alleviates their fans chronic anticipation with a frontal assault of the naughty, but nice "Bye Bye Beautiful." Full of angry emotions yet confidently hopeful, this song has been the constant opener for the Dark Passion Play tour and it perfectly sets the tone. Past disappointments evaporate as the fans become totally caught up in the aggressive lyrics and energy of the band. Anette owns the stage like a demonic pixie. Bouncy, cute but volatile and dead-on with her delivery, this little lady does not mess around. She easily engages the entire hall with her delightful expressions and captivating vocals. The band seems well rested after their unexpected days off and they infuse each song with a great deal of passion and energy. The sound explodes from the stage, but is well modulated and tight.

Nightwish keeps up the pace launching next into "Dark Chest of Wonders", the Once tour opener. "Whoever Brings the Nights" follows, and then Anette delivers a spirited performance of "The Siren." It is songs like this where Nightwish fans tend to assess her vocals versus former lead, Tarja. Of course, she does not have the powerful operatic style of her predecessor, yet her voice is sweet, strong and clear and she gives a mesmerizing rendition of this eerily beautiful song.

The band keeps the energy high throughout the entire show, which focused naturally on selections from the Dark Passion Play album. Anette gave a thoroughly animated performance of the jaunty hit single, "Amaranth" which was followed up by a haunting rendition of "The Islander" by bass player, Marco, whose commanding vocals are positively hypnotic. Other selections from the Dark Passion Play include, the disturbing, yet majestic opus, "The Poet and the Pendulum" along with "Sahara" and "Seven Days to the Wolves." Marco got a chance to show off the more mellifluous aspect of his voice with "While Your Lips Are Still Red," the bonus track from the "Amaranth" single. A nod to past favorites is delivered with "Dead To The World" and "Wishmaster." Also included from the Once album, was the catchy "Nemo" and the evening closer, "Wish I Had An Angel."

A thoroughly engaging and energetic performance, the Nightwish show at The Chance was well worth the wait. More

than a few fans, undaunted by the cancellations, made the trek to Poughkeepsie to see this Finnish phenomenon. The

final applause was long and enthusiastic, and it was clear Nightwish was well on their way to resuming their conquest of

the U.S. metal market.


Anette Olzon - vocals

Tuomas Holopainen - keyboards

Emppu Vuorinen - guitar

Marco Hietala - bass, vocals

Jukka "Julius" Nevalainen - drums

Nightwish Live » Astoria, London, UK

Source: Terrorizer

London Astoria

Though Nightwish's decision to eject singer Tarja from their midst was viewed as commercial suicide by many who saw her as the horse to back- err, so to speak- there seems little doubt that it is the remaining members, along with their new singer, Anette Olzon, who appear to have won the hearts and minds of the great majority of followerd of this Finnish pop metal institution. Not only has the latest- and, many would argue, greatest- album, "Dark Passion Play" been warmly embraced by both critics and fans, but this trilogy of packed shows held at the sizeable Astoria casts a long shadow over Tarja's recent under-populated appearance at the Electric Ballroom. All things considered, it's hard not to conclude that the lineup change has been something of an upgrade, and here on stage, perhaps inevitably, Anette proves that she is a far more credible frontwoman than Tarja. Fans can argue the various merits of the two singers' vocal styles among themselves, but at least Anette doesn't dance like your mum. Let's face it, Tarja's stage presence was at best somewhat awkward, and at worst so wooden it could have been a full sized vetriloquist's doll fronting the band. Now there's a definite swagger about the proceedings, evident in both the member's demeanour, and their setlist, which leans unashamedly on the side of the band's current incarnation, with a heavy emphasis on the new material that sees even the unlikely inclusion of the stirring folk-metal pairing "Last of the Wilds" and "The Islander". Despite the brief period of reinvention, it's clear that this slick, well-oiled Finnish machine has lost none of it's momentum.

Nightwish Live » Forest National, Brussels, Belgium

Source: CJP

Nightwish - 14/03/2009

Nightwish verliest zichzelf in spektakel en slechte klank     2/5

De European Déjà Vu Tour 2009 bracht de heren en dame van Nightwish naar een vol Vorst Nationaal. De naam van de tour kon niet beter gekozen zijn: dit hebben we inderdaad al gezien, in een betere versie zelfs.

Na de degelijke folkrock van Indica en de epilepsie-opwekkende industrial goth van Pain was metallievend Vorst klaar voor wat komen ging: 's werelds meest succesvolle female fronted metalband. De zaallichten doofden en filmische orkestklanken vulden de zaal, waarna Nightwish de bühne betrad in een decor van een reusachtig scheepsanker, panelen met een golvende zee, fake rotsen en de boeg van een schip rond Tuomas Holopainens keyboards.

Met 7 days to the wolves opende de show veelbelovend. Vuurwerk en sterke vocalen van zowel bassist Marco Hietala als frontvrouw Annette Olzon. Die laatste liet het in het volgende nummer vervolgens al afweten. Met haar schreeuwerige uithalen in Dead to the world leek la Olzon tevergeefs boven de muziek uit te willen komen, wat een alles behalve prettig geluid opleverde.

Nightwish plukte merkwaardig genoeg 6 nummers van zowel Dark passion play (2007) als Once (2004). Daardoor was er in de setlist helaas slechts plaats voor 2 oudere nummers. Dat de tot in den treure gespeelde ‘hits' The kinslayer, Slaying the dreamer en Wishmaster voor een keer achterwege bleven was evenwel een verademing.


Slingers, sneeuw en confetti werden op het publiek losgelaten terwijl er vuurwerk bij werd afgeschoten alsof het oudejaarsavond was. Dat zijn leuke spektakelgimmicks, maar daardoor is een Nightwishconcert tegenwoordig tot op de seconde gerepeteerd zonder ruimte voor veel improvisatie. De groep is meer dan ooit een arenamachine. Getuige ook de merchandisestand met ontelbaar veel t-shirts en vlaggen die zelfs tot in de tribune geleurd worden.  

Gelukkig was het niet de hele avond lang kommer en kwel. Amaranth, Nemo en The siren werden meer dan degelijk afgeleverd, zo ook het semi-akoestische kampvuurmoment The islander. Het hoogtepunt - en enige kippenvelmoment - werd met het machtige Ghost love score tot in de toegiftronde bewaard. Een pluim voor Annette's prestatie in dat nummer.

Conclusie: Nightwish is een zelfbewuste en hyperprofessionele productie, maar de combinatie van voorspelbaarheid en slechte akoestiek maakte van de doortocht in Vorst niets meer en niets minder dan een teleurstelling. Ondertekende had voor het eerst moeite om een concert van Nightwish tot aan het einde geboeid uit te zitten.


7 days to the wolves - Dead to the world - The siren - Amaranth - Romanticide - Dead boy's poem - The poet and the pendulum - Sahara - Nemo - The Islander - Escapist - Dark chest of wonders - Ghost love score - Wish I had an angel

Nightwish Live » Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Source: Algemeen Dagblad

Algemeen Dagblad, Tuesday 17 March 2009, by Anton Slotboom, translation by Juliëtte Bos

Flame-throwers, confetti-canons and a curious ship background were brought along to Ahoy. The Finnish metal-band Nightwish showed off Sunday evening but didn't manage to fill the entire sport-hall. The second ring remained closed and also the first ring showed many empty seats. The few present fans didn't get exstatic despite all the pyros. And Nightwish themselves, summits in the symphonic metal genre, were to blame mainly. In the nothing-avoiding bombast of guitar-riffs and choirs the best of front-woman Annette Olzon got lost too often. Not that her position is to envy: her precedent, Tarja Turunen, was fired by the band by dint of a letter. The new statue moved insecure on the stage in Rotterdam. In between the overload of decibels she didn't have to say much to the fans either. Even though Nightwish didn't entirely drown. Many songs sounded alike, but on its best a Nightwish-song is fairy-tale-like, melancholic, very melodic and quite heavy at the same time. Though what comes from far isn't necessarily better. The Dutch equal of Nightwish, Within Temptation, certainly isn't worth less.

God thanks I didn't write this review myself. Learn how to spell Anette's name, man! At this newspaper they usually prefer the Dutch heavy bands over foreign heavy bands, even though they're no heavy fans in general.

Nightwish Live » Brixton Academy, London

Source: Kerrang!

Plus: Pain

Brixton Academy, London


This is all about celebration now. Thanks giving that they've made it this far, and that a death-defying gamble has paid off. Dumping the uniquely voiced Tarja Turunen in an ill-advised public storm of nastiness and replacing her with Anette Olzon, a good but entirely different type of singer, was a bit like Ford replacing the Focus with a motorcycle and hoping no-one would notice. It's been tough for Nightwish - even getting the finger from some former fans - and Olzon herself, worn down by expectation and comparison. But, partly thanks to the magnificance of Dark Passion Play, the new line-up's first studio output, they've muscled down and succeeded. Their proof is this - a stunning headline show at this esteemed venue, the first time they've been able to bring their full show, pyro and all, to an indoor UK stage.

Perhaps in a bit to keep tour life relaxed, Nightwish have brought their friends along to support them. Pain have toured with Nightwish before, and provide a goth-tinged but heavier aperitif to the main act. The brainchild of workaholic Swede Peter Tägtgren, metal is fused with synths as black hair thrashes. More impressive live than on record, Tägtgren's unpretty hate machine is worth a second look.

For Nightwish, this is the first gig of the rest of their lives. They open in a wash of colour, smoke and retina-burning explosives, the band nailing 7 Days To The Wolves to within an inch of its studio equivalent. Their decision to abandon Bye Bye Beautiful is a sure sign that they've finally moved on from the Tarja fallout. Thankfully, it's only the unpleasantness they've turned away from and not the magical music they created with her. Tonight's rejuvenated set-list features a casket of old diamonds, albeit mostly from best-selling album Once. More importantly, it's the sort of set fans need to hear from Nightwish, a firm answer to rumours that they planned to abandon their classic material altogether. From that archive comes Romanticide and The Siren, both sung with icy determination by Olzon, Dead To The World and - towards the end - an evocative, moving Nemo.

Unsurprisingly, it is music from the current album that Olzon in particular performs with the greatest confidence - Amaranth a dazzling beauty, while the epic The Poet And The Pendulum reaffirms the great scale of Nightwish leader Tuomas Holopainen's vision. His stormy journey, his band's rage for perfection, continues to enthral.

Nightwish Live » Astoria, London

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Backstage at the Astoria there is a voice coming from one of the dressing rooms that is quite simply enchanting. Everyone that walks passed the door is spellbound as the operatic tones echoing from the room fill the air. The source of these sounds is Tarja Turunen, vocalist with Finnish operatic metal crew Nightwish and, for the second night, she is leading her band out in front of a sold out London Astoria.

It comes as no surprise to the extreme music scene that this is happening but it is a surprise that it has taken so long. By the bands own admission though, the success of Evanescence has helped bands like Nightwish and Lacuna Coil break through to play gigs like this one but you sense that the crowd here tonight are here because they appreciate the beauty of Nightwish rather than the fact that they "might sound a bit like Evanescence".

From the moment the band take to the stage, they have this London audience captivated. It's a mesmerizing sight watching them glide through each song with the balls and power of a metal band but with the sort of beauty and passion that most metal bands don't even come close to capturing. Obviously the source of this passion comes from the belly of their vocalist who leaves every single person in the room absolutely mesmerized as she slides around the stage like no-one you have ever seen. At times it would be fair to say that she shouldn't be fronting a metal band and, when they power through The Phantom Of The Opera, it becomes apparent why the singer is more popular than Pavarotti back home in Finland.

While it is fair to say that Nightwish might not be to everyone's taste, it is also fair to say that if you do want to give your ears a bit of culture, then this Finnish band will certainly provide you with that. And make you realise quite how much Evanescence really do suck.

Reviewed by Graham Finney
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Nightwish Live » BBKings - NYC - August 22 2004

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Nightwish Review


Posted Aug 25, 2004 at 11:24 PM by zMETALlica.

On Sunday, August 22nd I saw Nightwish perform at BBkings in New York City, NY.

I have decided to share my thoughts and opinions of the show with you, so feel free to read it.

In all honesty, there was so much that happened at this show that I couldn’t possibly remember every detail, though I wish I could. Nightwish came on stage and opened with Dark Chest of Wonders from the new album. Let me tell you right now. For those of you who didn’t like the album that much, after seeing certain songs performed live I think highly different of it. Since the songs lacked the orchestra, they felt more metal. I enjoyed hearing it because the songs were done well.


The next song played was Planet Hell, which is also from the new album. I actually thought this was a good song off the new album. Hearing it live just blew me away. And the crowd too… it got so crazy the crowd broke through the barrier that kept the crowd from killing me while I was trying to take pictures. They even had two bouncers pushing it back to keep it from falling.


A big highlight of the night was hearing them play Phantom of the Opera. This was just amazing. Towards the end of the song Tarja sung this solo similar to what was on the album, but wow, it definitely hit me. I literally had a chill up my spine. She went freaking high. I didn’t know she was even capable of such a note.


As for the rest of the set list it included mostly songs from Wishmaster, Century Child, and, their latest effort, Once. It was a good mix of everything. They even played a Megadeth cover, Symphony of Destruction. This song was really brutally slaughtered by Nightwish, in a good way. Mind you that Tarja wasn’t singing and Marco was. First off I prefer Marco as a singer than Dave Mustain, but that’s my opinion of course. Some people love Mustain’s voice, and might find this performance of Symphony of Destruction an insult to Megadeth. I think they did a good job. Emppu even pulled a good solo.


One thing I really enjoyed about the show was to see Tarja head banging and ‘windmilling’ with her hair. That’s something I don’t see often from female vocalists. The whole band in general had some good stage presence, even the drummer. He was doing some stick tricks, which probably nobody noticed, since they more were focused on Tarja. Last year I saw Nightwish and they weren’t nearly as good as they were this time. Part of this is because they had a more varied set list and better sound. I think the main part is that they are that little bit more experienced as a band. Also Marco is still new to the band and that one-year makes him and the band feel more comfortable with each other.


The only negative was that they didn’t play anything from their first two records. Overall it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, very positive crowd and great music.



Nighwish had several US dates remaining with Lullacry in support:


8/28/2004 Cervantes 7 S. Broadway, Denver, CO
8/30/2004 Cajun House 7117 E. Third Ave., Scottsdale, AZ
8/31/2004 House of Blues - Anaheim 1530 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA
  9/2/2004 House of Blues - L.A. 6255 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA
  9/3/2004 Slim's 333 Eleventh St., San Francisco, CA
  9/5/2004 Graceland 109 Eastlake Ave. East, Seattle, WA


Pictures source:

Lullacry - Nightwish (New York NY) Nightwish - Nightwish (New York NY) Nightwish Marko And Zack D - Nightwish (New York NY)

My Dying Bride + After Forever Live » Antwerpen - November 02 2003

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My Dying Bride + After Forever + The Prophecy
Hof ter Lo - Antwerpen (B) - November 02 2003

Lords of Metal

Both Vera as well as Michiel B. are huge My Dying Bride fans. This time the English doom gods held a short 3-gig tour: one in Londen (UK), one in Utrecht (NL) and one in Antwerp (B). Vera and Michiel attended this last gig in order to write our readers this report of the show which was also captured on film in order to be released on DVD later on.

Text by: Vera & Michiel B. & pics by: Natascha

This rainy, dark day in Autumn I arrived rather early at Hof ter Lo. To be sure of and to make clear arrangements with the tour manager, so that, when colleague Michiel B. arrives, we could go on board of the bus to do the interview. Moreover we could expect a few special items today. At first the show of My Dying Bride was filmed in order of the release of a second DVD. At second I had great expectations to see The Prophecy again. The camera team arrived; seven people showed up to make constant close ups of the performing band. (during the interview something to laugh about, later on stage a serious matter!)

Lords of Metal

When we hear The Prophecy’s soundcheck at half past seven, it is about time to open the gates of this doom festivity. It is a crowded venue when around the clock of eight the chats are deafened by the enigmatic doom metal of The Prophecy. I got to know them in February 2003, realized this was something extraordinary and I was happy to see the band performing songs I’m familiar with now. Alas, it was a heavy going today. The goodwill of the audience and the band was largely extant, but the Prophecy was forced to stop after only half an hour, just when we were getting in the mood and longing for more. There also was a technical problem but this was solved quiet fast. Much too short, but in the meantime I enjoyed the impressive wall of sound, split by the multilateral voice of Matt Lawson. Beside a few older songs they played two new tracks which will be on the forthcoming album, namely ‘Cascades’ and ‘Rivers’. These contain more clean vocals and maintain the melodic and yet dominating guitar parade for which the band is known. It is a pity they could not play any longer and therefore I am very curious about the article of colleague Kasper in Utrecht. Because in the Netherlands they played one hour! I’m really jealous this time!(Vera)

After the decent but a little too short performance by The Propecy our very own After Forever were up. Maybe a rather odd band in this doom metal line-up but for yours truly this wasn't quite that bad. It had been rather quiet around this Dutch band and besides that the band had spent their Summer vacation inside the studio in order to record both a new mini-cd, which was to be released shortly after this gig as well als a new album. And this new material made me rather curious to be honest. After Mark Jansen was fired from the band and had released a killer AF-style debut album with his new band Epica I was dying to hear what his former band would sound like now. The band who brought us the album “Decipher” which in my opinion was close to perfection. There had been some speculations about their new sound but the best way to fid out about that was hearing and seeing it myself..

After Forever showed their guts and started off with the instrumental intro of their new mini-cd “Exordium” entitled “Line Of Thoughts”. And if that wasn't enogh the audience was immediately treated to a new song: “Beneath”. The Belgian crowd's reaction was a little tame at first so it was time to get them going with “Monolith Of Doubt”. Also 2 other new songs “Glorifying Means” and “My Choice” were introduced. I have to confess that these new songs didn't strike me as much as “Monolith Of Doubt” and “For The Time Being” when I herad those 3 years ago just after the release of “Prison Of Desire” but that shouldn't mean anything. With “Follow In The Cry” (with a Pipi Longstocking intro) and “Yield To Temptation” their heavenly debut album was included in the set but the crowd really got wild with the Iron Maiden cover “The Evil That Men Do”. After the “Decipher”-masterpieces “My Pledge Of Allegiance part I”, “Forlorn Hope” and encore “Emphasis” the show was over although many spectators didn't wait for that which made it more and more crowded at the entrance..(Michiel B.)

I was convinced that My Dying Bride is never dissapointing on stage but tonight I had to adjust this opinion a little. OK, I was really pissed off everything was built full with cameras and I wasn't allowed to use my flash light while taking pictures (and half a meter behind me the crowed flashed their asses off) which made over 90% of my pictures useless. But also MDB seemed a little overwhelmed by all the cameras and the DVD recordings. The band started with the title track of their last album “The Dreadful Hours” and “The Raven And The Rose”. The atmosphere which was created was great but I had the impression that the sound was more adjusted for the DVD recordings instead of the spectators (at least I hope so cause otherwise a lot of mixing and mastering has still to be done). Things started to get interesting when MDB played a nice new song entitled “The Prize Of Beauty” which they faded out into my all-time favourite “The Cry Of Mankind”. Also newsters “Catherine Blake” and “The Wreckage Of My Flesh” were introduced to the (by all the cameras a little too) enthousiastic audience. The performance was rather decent although I think in particular the choice of songs could have been much better (the album “Turn Loose The Swans” was completely ignored for instance)..(Michiel B.)

And then it is time for MY DYING BRIDE. While Michiel and I take pictures in overdrive, a solid wall of darkening spreads its curse over the heads. It comes rolling downwards from the stage, a sound My Dying Bride has a license to. Like we heard before, they play songs from all their career, even ‘Sear Me’ in the original version. Aaron is dressed in a white, flashy ‘space-jack’ as if they want to emphasis the ‘not of this world’ sublimated themes of the band. No one stage dived today, in opposition to the Peacefest in 2001. This was also caused by the gap in between the band and the audience where the camera crew did a serious job. Being filmed all the time can destroy the ultimate spontaneity of a band but after three days on a row they are pro enough to take the crowd by storm once again!(Vera)

More pictures: After Forever | My Dying Bride

After Forever Live » De Effenaar, Eindhoven - November 14 2003

Source:  Lords Of Metal
After Forever & Nemesea
De Effenaar, Eindhoven - November 14 2003

It had been quite a while since I had last seen After Forever as a headliner. Of course I don’t wan to say anything bad about their great performance at the Metal Benefit Festival, last September in Nijmegen, but since I was half of the team that had organized that day, I was so busy I hardly had the time to check them out. Nowadays, the band are such a big name in the Netherlands that there are several opportunities to catch them playing live, and when I found out they were going to sell out the Effenaar again, I know what I had to do.

Text by: Aernout

After Forever always make the best of it, live. Of course they aren’t flawless, but their enthusiasm makes up for everything. They don’t have to be flawless, since everything they do is being blindly adored by a host of followers. It will therefore be no surprise that I was more curious about their new opening act, the Dutch Nemesea.

The only thing I knew about Nemesea was that their singer, Manda Ophuizen had lovely long hair and that she was a looker. Not the best basis for serious journalism, but I was free of any prejudice and willin to be surprised. Without much ado, and without much response from the audience, the five male musicians entered the stage and started with the intro of “Threefold Law” and thus the band’s twelfth ever performance. When Manda – indeed a feast for male heterosexual eyes – appeared in not too much fabric, the crowd went wild. She only impressed me with her voice, however (yes, I know, I am such a professional). She didn’t seem, to be all too pleased with her outfit, by the way.

There is plenty of room for improvements, but I do think this band has potential. Manda, however inexperienced she may be, is an eye-catching person on stage, who obviously feels her music. Some of the other band members could have done better on stage, but this will undoubtedly have to do with their limited experience. In the beginning it is far more important that they play their music in the best way possible, and this seemed to be working out rather nicely.

I was surprised at their choice of covering the recent Nightwish-hit “Bless the Child” which made Manda’s voice stick out. She sounded better than during their own songs, even though she didn’t really try to sound like Tarja. One explanation I could come up with is that they are still looking for the right way to sing and play their own songs, and with a cover you have the example already there. People were enthusiastic, and much more enthusiastic than they were about After Forever’s previous openers, Autumn.

Next up were After Forever. The new mini-CD ‘Exordium’ has just been released, but I didn’t have it yet. The shows have been adapted to the new mini: a new intro (heavier, less spherical than we were used to hear from them), new songs (four of them, all of which were performed today) and a new decoration of the stage (nice backdrops with the AF-logo and balls that referred to the ‘Exordium’-theme). Most of all of course, it means those new songs.

I must be honest and say that they take some getting used to. As I said earlier, I didn’t have the promo yet, so it all was new to me. It’s no surprise that not having Mark Jansen’s hand in the writer also had some effect on the music. Whereas ‘Decipher’ was the logical successor of ‘Prison of Desire’, I cannot say such a thing of ‘Exordium’ just yet. I have only heard the songs being played live, once or twice. My first impression was no deception, however.

Fortunately they also played classic songs such as “Yield to Temptation”, to me the After Forever song with the most impressive intro, and I could only laugh with enjoyment when I heard the Pippi Longstockings intermezzo in “Follow in the Cry”. All in all a lovely night in Eindhoven.

Freckles on her nose,
Diddle diddle dee,
a girl came riding
Into town one day
Diddle diddle she was quite a sight.

Epica Live » Ekko - Utrecht - October 23 2003

Source:  Lords Of Metal
Ekko - Utrecht - October 23 2003

We are sorry, but the translation is still under construction…

Text by: Evil Dr. Smith

We are sorry, but the translation is still under construction…

Anathema + Sahara Dust Live » 013 Tilburg - December 15 2002

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Anathema + Sahara Dust

013 Tilburg - December 15 2002

A pretty risky bill this afternoon in the big hall of 013. Headliners Anathema hadn't played in such a big concert hall in The Netherlands for quite a while and support act Sahara Dust plays their very first live show this afternoon. In spite of that this combination was good for a good number of visitors which was certainly due to the cusiosity for the new band...

Text & pics by: Michiel B.

Sahara Dust treated us with a very tight and musical set. Their 6 own songs were drowned in musical influences as we know them from After Forever, which can easily be explained by the fact that guitarist/vocalist/composer Mark Jansen is responsible for at least half of this sound. From time to time the band members seemed to be a little uncomfortable on such a big stage but the crowd didn't care. In between the songs their hands really found their way together and when the After Forever cover "Follow In The Cry" (with a nice "I Will Survive"-like piano intro) was played all hell broke loose in front of the stage. Female vocalist Simone has a bright voice that unfortunately still misses some force and body. Nevertheless I have never seen a band making such a strong debut the way Sahara Dust did this afternoon.. You will here more of them!

And then it was time for today's headliners: Anathema! With the third Cavanagh-brother, bass player and identical twin brother of vocalist Vinnie, Jamie back in the squad the band made a strong impression. The band (and Jamie in particular) were very enthousiastic and the crowd sang along with the set, mainly consisting of material from the past 3 albums. Though it were the old songs that made the crowd go wild mostly. At the end of the set the band surprised with a piano version of the title track from "The Silent Enigma" followed by the really sensitive "One Last Goodbye" and the always present "A Dying Wish" and "2000 And Gone" for this occasion with lyrics. After this the band left the stage in order to return to play "Sleepless" and Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" (H.E.L.L. Y.E.A.H.)

Despite the terrible sound every now and then this had been a marvellous Sunday in 013.. I'm dying for the next releases of both bands...

Nightwish Live » Paradiso - Amsterdam - August 28 2002


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Text by: Evil Dr. Smith

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